Clare Fonda Spanking

Alanah Rae on Spanked Sweeties

9th February 2009

Alanah Rae on Spanked Sweeties

Alanah Rae Spanking 

I had promised Alanah Rae for Valentine’s Day but the Cameraman had it ready today so her new scene is up and running on Spanked Sweeties, enjoy.  You may get a laugh out of the fact that Alanah is wearing the same panties as she was in our first shoot and that seems like a pretty good reason for us to have her back for a third try in some new underwear!  Anyway, she is beautiful and we spend a long time talking about the spankings her mom gave her very late in her teens. 

 I have been whining about my Roebek’s drama on this blog and the tale seems to have come to a sad end – Roebecks on Laurel Canyon has closed, the store is basically stripped which explains why corporate was running it into the ground with the lack of supplies. I am wondering if it is the entire chain or just that location.  Anyway, I have not had my smoothie today but the camerman is here and I am going to insist we have a massage.  The rain is pouring down and it should be ultra relaxing. 

A couple of people have been asking for me to post some naked pics – of myself!!  You perverts…just kidding.  I will be happy to I just haven’t taken any in a while. Here is a partially clothed one of Goblin.

Goblin Fonda

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  1. 1 On February 9th, 2009, SBA said:

    You either need a caffeine addiction or a Jamba Juice… go for the coffee and see you at 4am!!

    Oh yeah, since you’ve posted naked pics of me u should def post naked pics of yourself ;P

  2. 2 On February 9th, 2009, Hannes said:

    Nice nips on Goblin there.

  3. 3 On February 9th, 2009, Chloe Elise said:

    oh no!! I wonder if that’s why they weren’t open when we tried to go. Bummer. Even the juice heads are feeling the pull of the economy. Love the partially clothed Goblin pic. LOL. You are a trip.

  4. 4 On February 11th, 2009, Casey said:

    You’ve posted so many naked pix of other people (for which we all thank you), it’s time to go for it yourself. Show us you have better stuff than Goblin.

  5. 5 On February 13th, 2009, tim said:

    Clare great to have lovely Alanah back she isa sweetie who takes her spanks well ,gorgeous girl do you hear from Samantha Grace at all , a lovely spankee who i saw on yoursitespanked sweeties a while ago , it would be good to hear from her again love from tim.

  6. 6 On February 14th, 2009, Clare said:

    Samantha Grace is a fetish model who often travels out here so we will have to have her back maybe for EE4. Thanks, guys, for the love on Goblin. I am not sure if I feel comfortable standing next to her or not she has great racks! I think I will have Sarah Gregory shoot some Nakeds of me at Shadowlane. She’sa nice photog.

  7. 7 On February 15th, 2009, Casey said:

    We’ll be waiting. No fair hiding behind Goblin this time. It’s gotta be your human stuff. Way overdue.

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