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Alanah Rae Stars in Summer at Aunt Bella’s

16th November 2010

Alanah Rae Stars in Summer at Aunt Bella’s

I can’t believe I’m back with these people for another red butt !

Thank you everyone, for your reactions to my pulled-over plight, ranging from concern to a strong desire to spank my ass. For the record I was given no citation that night but I have been very good since, barely drinking at all when I am at the clubs. Infact, this cold I am dealing with is so bad, I’m relegated to shots of Nyquil. I would have loved to have taken a spanking instead of the breathlyzer test for the DUI but I didn’t have the bals to bring it up!  Just glad I am not spending my week in AA  meetings as we have some great spanking content going up.

oh yes, Alannah- you didn’t just come for the dancing.

Girls Spanks Girl presents a nice little follow up to EE5- Summer With Aunt Bella. Snow Mercy is back as beautiful and strict Bella with visiting niece Alicia Panettiere. The surprise casting is revealed in the first scene where Alanah Rae, who we haven’t seen for about a year, comes fro her bedrooom in a punishment outfit and has her panties lowered before going over Snow’s lap for a mother/daughter spanking. Alanah looks wonderful but you’ll see she was not the bright eyed girl we shot a year ago who eagerly told us that she lived at home until she was 19 and was still spanked.  Her attitude now was professional but this shoot was defintely a job for her. It is a very real scene to watch her over the knee of Snow Mercy take a spanking that you know she is not enjoying. Snow issues the correction none the less! You may remember Aunt Bella last year with Alicia and Lily Anna.  That was an impressive shoot and got the idea to expand Snow’s character as she is so naturally regal and strict.

Alicia Panettiere, one of the best switches around, is over the knee for hard hand and hairbrush action.  There are also scenes where she play voyeur and sees her pretty pajama’d cousin getting more on her bare bottom.  Nowhere near as long in length as EE5 it still serves as a pretty little follow up so enjoy Summer at Aunt Bella’s. To join Girl Spanks Girl and view both years of the Aunt Bella series go HERE

Voyueristic moments made Alicia feel like a nosey parker!

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23rd April 2010

Lana Gets Spanked

Lana Gets Spanked 

Is that who I think it is? 

Coming to My Spanking Roommate on Monday, Luscious Lana, our top domme, submits to a spanking herself from Kailee and Madison Martin.  I am told it is a modest spanking, as Lana pulls down her skirt once her panties are revealed, but it is so rare that a domme of Lana’s level gets over anyone’s knee that it is a great start to Lana taking some swats. Kailee and Madison can spank hard as well.  Lana, I know can take it, but she got shy.  The good news is we did get a bare bottom spanking of her which will be out soon on Sweeties, and this episode on Roommate does feature her taking care of Madison Martin’s bare bottom. Madison is one of Lana’s favorites to work with, if not her absolute favorite. We know Lana can cut loose and give a real beating and Madison has always been up for that, plus it will be fun to watch an embarrassed Lana. I am looking forward. Lana gets spanked in a couple of our early videos that are on Girl Spanks Girl and I always tease her about them.

I have a big shoot this weekend with Alanah Rae, Snow Mercy  and Alcia Panetierre who will be flying in from out of town. It will be our summer coporal video before we shoot EE5. Also news this week is that Sarah Gregory opened her own paysite.  I know Sarah has been working on this for a while and has some excellent content so congratulations to her. XXX for now, back to shoot prep (or whatever you think I’m really doing)

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19th August 2009

EE4 Arrives August 23rd


Lilly Anna looks fittingly frightened 

The Cameraman is hard at work on the editing of EE4 and it will be available this Sunday, August 23 on . It features a cast of ten and they all turned in excellent performances. Ashli Orion emerged as the biggest little brat in the shoot and Snow Mercy earned points for versatility when she took a good spanking and paddling from Lana at the end of the video.  With all the girls watching it was clear that Miss Snow was quite the exhibitionist who impressed the girls showing she could take what she gave.  I am very proud of the excellent ensemble work in EE4. After the shoot Ashli apologized for her in character mouthing off.  She explained that she just got “really into it.”  The way I see it if a girl mouths off on set she knows what she is going to get, and Ashli is a real sweetie so nothing that came out of her mouth was too hardcore.

One young lady who did not make the shoot , much to our disappointment, was Alanah Rae, but not too worry we have just finished editing a scene from her first shoot with us which premieres on Spanked Call Girls this Friday.  We hope to work with Alanah again soon but until we do – her first shoot was stunning with a long erotic callgirls scene. I feel that the first shoot with a hot new talent is a special occasion and Alanah is such a good girl, sitting up straight and dutifully getting over my knee, clearly raised by a very strict mom!

 Alanah is on Spanked Call Girls this Friday

Alanah Rae spanking

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16th June 2009

Alanah Rae on My Spanking Roommate

Alanah Rae makes her debut on Roommate this week with Kay Richards. We really have missed her, haven’t we?  Since Alanah looks like Anna Kournikova we got her in a sweet little white tennis dress.  I’m not saying we had some stroke of genius since plenty of adult companies have had Alanah dolled up like Kournikova and I am sure Enrique Iglesias has jacked off to some Alanah Rae clips- maybe not ours, but she is becoming one of the hottest young porn stars online so it may be a while before she can afford to get a beaten bottom.  Lets enjoy this- and her upcoming work on Callgirls while we can.  As far as EE4, she has schedule conflicts but Harmony has been able to join the cast and I’ll have a full cast announcement for you next week.

And now for something completely different – as some of you know i dabble in diapers and I have gotten a site off the ground with beautiful women in diaper scenes.  There is some good spanking on the site and other domestic discipline but is is definitely a diaper site. I promise if you take the tour you’ll see some of your favorite models - in diapers.

Naughty Diaper Girls

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9th February 2009

Alanah Rae on Spanked Sweeties

Alanah Rae Spanking 

I had promised Alanah Rae for Valentine’s Day but the Cameraman had it ready today so her new scene is up and running on Spanked Sweeties, enjoy.  You may get a laugh out of the fact that Alanah is wearing the same panties as she was in our first shoot and that seems like a pretty good reason for us to have her back for a third try in some new underwear!  Anyway, she is beautiful and we spend a long time talking about the spankings her mom gave her very late in her teens. 

 I have been whining about my Roebek’s drama on this blog and the tale seems to have come to a sad end – Roebecks on Laurel Canyon has closed, the store is basically stripped which explains why corporate was running it into the ground with the lack of supplies. I am wondering if it is the entire chain or just that location.  Anyway, I have not had my smoothie today but the camerman is here and I am going to insist we have a massage.  The rain is pouring down and it should be ultra relaxing. 

A couple of people have been asking for me to post some naked pics – of myself!!  You perverts…just kidding.  I will be happy to I just haven’t taken any in a while. Here is a partially clothed one of Goblin.

Goblin Fonda

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17th January 2009

Shadowlane Spanking Party

Alanah Rae Spanking 

For me “Alanah and Me” check out Clare Fonda Pass .

The Cameraman and I are confirmed to go to the Shadowlane Spanking Convention March 6-8 at the Gold Coast.  This should be good times.  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I am actually home working on a writing project and decided to post this picture of Alanah Rae .  It isn’t from her upcoming footage on Sweeties but just for some web design stuff so we may not be using this picture and I thought some of her fans may want to save it.   She looks very cute in her pink shorts and shirt.  You may have noticed she has had a boob job but it is a very nice one and she has the right body to carry large breasts.   A lot of guys may be crying right now but for some of you Alanah busting out of her shirt is a dream come true.  Actually that would be a good scene, a daughter comes home with her t-shirt all wet, obviously having participated in a contest at the local bar.   We know what happens next. Not an original script. Let’s hope my writing project goes better tonight.   

 Does this dog make my boobs look big?

Clare Fonda Lovin’

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12th January 2009

Clare Fonda Shooting Log

Coming this week on Girl Spanks Girl  new domme Helen Bacque spanks Sarah Gregory as Jackie Avalon waits

We shot a couple of times last week. On Monday we had a big shoot, one of our long videos which is coming to Girl Spanks Girl this week.  Some new talent were involved as you can see above, new domme Helen Bacque and Spankee Jackie Avalon. Helen has an excellent strict look like some retail boss who fired me in high school.  We were impressed with Jackie as well.  She texted Sarah Gregory later and said her ass hurt.  Abigail Whittacker also has a scene in this video and it was great to finally work with her – so many great looking people from Michigan.  Ashli Orion ended the day with us, doing a Spanked Sweeties interview and taking hard spankings.  She is a petite adult star who says our shoots are fun and had to sign autographs at AVN this week with a sore butt, I am sure.

On Thursday we shot some fem dom scenes with Kay Richards and Anthony Rosano as well as another spanking for Alanah Rae.  I also got to delve a little deeper into Alanah’s past with some more interview questions, focusing on spankings she received as recently as a year ago while living at home.  She was very open about this and is just a beautiful young model and one of the most genuinely submissive girls I have felt over my lap in a while.  The Cameraman spanked her as well, what - with spanking her, Abigail and Ashley he had quite a birthday week.  The least he can do now is fix me a sandwich.  Hint, hint!

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8th December 2008

Back to Blog

Clare Fonda Buzzed

I’m thankful for what’s between my legs and for my friend Octavio in Austin. 

I had a fun Thanksgiving weekend in Austin, Texas with a friend from high school I have not seen for twenty two years. I did not have to lie and tell him how great he looks as he is a fastidious gay man and I was happy to play Oscar to his Felix all weeekend.  I met up with other friends in Austin both old and new and even was recognized by a nice spanko who I will look forward to seeing at Shadowlane next year.  Everyone is Austin seemed very, very nice and I’d like to go back in 2009 if they will have me.

The Cameraman went on an editing spree and I got some good new content before I was even planing on it.  Alanah Rae is a great Spanked Sweetie, with her punished past and bouncy ass she was a squiming submissive over my knee who really “stays in the scene” as we said in acting school.  Check out this funny read on her as well which I found on her agencies website.  As far as spanking goes, though check out Alanah’s interview and scene on Spanked Sweeties.  She is such an accomodating girl who could be model Harmony’s sister. 

Zip up your pants, dude, or you’re next!

Alanah on Spanked Sweeties 

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