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17th October 2009

Free Spanking Clip

Seems everyone likes a little titty shot in the tub.  I’d better keep the filth comimg. I actually have a photo shoot today and a zit to go with it.  I was wondering were my pimples had been. As it turns out, I still got it- acne!

We shot this cutie yesterday, Lana brought us a cute recruit from her dungeon and the poor girl had a hell of a time over Lana’s knee. Desiree is very girl next door, a midwesterner with no tattoos, the type who can get a lot of spanking work if she doesn’t run screaming or at least stops at some point and turns around, and I think she will as she was a great little actress who had fun burning bum and all.

quick dark shot by me, no expert

 Desiree Red Butt

Do check out Pixie in We have a funny free clip.  Love that A.P. Wells

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22nd September 2009

Sarah Gregory on Spanked Sweeties

Spanking Therapy Sessions 

The Cameraman has been a busy bee editing up a storm since we got back from Shadow Lane.  This Thursday we premiere the just shot Spanking Therapy Sessions with Sarah Gregory. This was a scene Sarah wanted to explore personally and her sincerity brought out a very real response from me.  I know many people like to see me play the hardass, but this energy was closer to my own and I found the spanking coming from a natural place. As sensitive as I was it was the kind of hard spanking that Sarah has come to need and I look forward to exploring this further with her next time we shoot. I believe she called it Spanking Therapist on her blog and that was sweet of her but I feel that the heart  of the scene is the relationship between her character and her caring psychologist. It was a very interesting headspace to explore and I forgot the cameras were there.  Spanking Therapy Sessions Part 1 premieres on Spanked Sweeties this Thursday.

In other news Amber Pixie Wells has been doing great things setting up a fund for animals on her blog. She is such a classy young lady and also incredibly organized- a great friend for the animals to have on their side. With so many foreclosures it is such a bad time for them that they need a friend like Pixie. I went on the local shelter’s website today and saw so many dogs needing homes. It is hard times and perfectly healthy purebreds are homeless let alone mixed breeds with health issues which brings up my buddy Kane… I know- great name. This guy is a shep/lab/great dane mix who is defintely extra large and has some digestive issues that are easily managed for about $150 worth of meds a month.  Since he has these issues (and I know how it is to have to follow a special diet)it is taking a long time to find Kane a home and his rescue group is being financially stressed.  Forever Home is a great pet rescue and I am going to paypal a donation to the Kane fund right now.  If you have a little change in your pocket I’d love you to do the same. 

Donate to the Kane Fund via check or paypal

Kane at

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25th August 2009

Welcome back to the Valley, Julie Simone.

Julie Simone 

Very happy to have gorgeous fetish model Julie Simone back in the San Fernando Valley.  She was in the midwest for a while but was coming out here to shoot and the model/producer is finally back which is great as it means we can work together.

Another starlet I have not seen for a while is Beverly Bacci.  She was in town Sunday for a one day shoot with dear Lana and I.  Bacci looks beautiful and although she is working steadily as a top she suffers so well and was throughly spanked by Lana and I.  That’s a nice video for 2010 as we are ahead of ourselves with content.

Finally, I’ll be seeing Amber Pixie Wells and shooting her with Ariel X tomorrow.  This should be fun. Ariel is going to do some diapers for me at which point Amber will probably just play with my animals.

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12th March 2009

Shadowlane Saturday part 1 – Snow Mercy

Snow Mercy

Model Snow Mercy pre Shadowlane vendor faire 

Snow Mercy modeled for us Saturday morning. She and her friend arrived at 11am and we shot her for Spanked Sweeties.  I saw Snow turning heads at the vendor faire so I knew people would be hoping to see much more of her.  I played her mom so I spanked her naughty bare bottom and she is very agreeable and enjoyable to spank.  One time she ran away from me as she did in real life with her mom and since she seems quite athletic I wasn’t even thinking of wrestling her- although I’m sure some people would like to have seen that.  I kind of just sat down and waited for her to settle and since the shoot was not called “Punish the Producer”  she was back over my knee again for more hard hand spanking.  When it came time for The Cameraman to have his go she was a bit more of a tentative taker but he has awfully big hands – that is why girls are smart to take it as hard as they can from Momma Clare- it serves as a good warm up. I must confess though once Snow told me she had worked for Dallas- I knew she could take a good one.  You’ll enjoy Snow’s interview and several scenes and I believe Shadowlane has already talked to her about an upcoming shoot. Pleased to say that this content will be up on Sweeties in about a week so I’m not dangling this tall raven haired carrot too badly, the way I did with the Spanked Sweeties interview of Kendra James – a redhead with the sexiest hips.  We shot Kendra featuring a cameo from Amber Pixie Wells in June but the wait is over… To check out Kendra James and Pixie scenes today and Snow Mercy in a week consider becoming a member. Our interview site currently has over 1,700 video clips of models telling their spanking stories and playing scenes.

 I also wanted to thank Snow for wearing my t-shirt I had slept in the night before.  I wanted her in something casual for the scene where her dad took the belt to her ass and she wasn’t a priss about the pre worn costume.  She threw on the T and looked great braless.  Thank you to her friend and Shadowlane member for introducing us to an exquisite new spanking model. 

Yes, Pixie, the carpet matches the curtains- Kendra James is red hot with a cameo from A.P. Wells on Sweeties.

Kendra James Spanked Sweeties

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15th November 2008

A Kailee Spanking

Kailee Spanks Men 

Kailee and Danny Wylde on Clare Spanks Men next week 

Sorry I missed the Love our Lurkers day. I was not trying to be a rebel. I just forgot.  This would have been a good blog to do it on as people are pretty quiet on comments. Hint Hint.  Oh - that does not include the person who keeps leaving me their address asking me to come spank them.  If this even is your address – or that of an ex girlfriend you want to expose- I have no desire to descend upon your ass so please stop leaving this address all over the blog!  That being said I do appreciate all comments and visitors to the blog and even the smack talkers I allow- just don’t expect me not to bite back and I will have it together for the LOL day next year.

Kailee was on town and I mainly had her top a dude.  She was very excited about this and issued some excellent verbal corrections to Danny Wylde as well as having a hard hand that he was not going to be able to take too much more of.  As much as I do like the realistic mom spankings we do on Clare Spanks Men ,it is also a very hot scene to have two young people engage in a F/m spanking, so humiliating to have a young man spanked by a female roommate or classmate.  Whether he was spanked growing up or not he is not ready to be taken over the knee of a girl he should be flirting with on campus.  Kailee actually spanked Danny for flirting with girls to get his homework done and she did this on behalf on all the girls at school.  Maybe that is why his ass got so red. 

In other news I’d like to congratulate Amber Pixie Wells for the quickest thank you card for a wedding present ever!  It came in the mail two weeks ago.  You are welcome, Bridey.

 I am still having plenty of fun on the F/m site!

Bully Spanked!

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