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Places to Buy My DVDs and Alice Wonder Returns

8th March 2010

Places to Buy My DVDs and Alice Wonder Returns

Alice Wonder 

Alice Wonders what else we have in store for her ass. 

Shadowlane are currently featuring our DVD/VHS The Professional Student with Lana and Amelia Jane Rutherford.  I’ll never do mail order so I always tell everyone please buy DVDs through Shadowlane, they take very good care of their customers as I’m sure you know.  Sarah Gregory is going to be at the Texas Allstate Spanking Party and will have our DVD Spanking Therapy for sale.  This is the only place that this DVD will be available until we are at the Shadowlane party in September and Sarah has other goodies too. Please keep your eye on this naughty girl at the party!

Speaking of beloved models I shot with a new face last week, Katherine St.James, whom I look forward to working with a lot more, and also had the pleasure of a beautiful blast from the past – Alice Wonder. Many fell in love with Alice When we did the first Exclusive Education video 5 years ago. She shot with us a couple of more times then she was busy with her own projects.  I was very happy when she wrote and shot her and Kat St. James for Spanked Call Girls last week. I’ll have some content of Kat on Thursday. Wow- is she a spankable little nugget, reminds me of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. In the meantime enjoy the shots of Alice.  I told the front desk I was expecting visits from my daughters and he asked if I could write a review of the hotel for a website.  I did what he asked and he was cool about the cameras, tri pods, and yeah, daughters.

I only meet my daughters in classy motels!

Alice Wonder in town

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23rd July 2009

Amelia Jane Rutherford on Spanked Call Girls 

Check out Amelia on Spanked Call Girls this Friday 

Amelia Jane Rutherford makes her long awaited debut on Spanked Call Girls this Friday. I say long awaited as I had Amelia in the site design when it opened 6 months ago and I feel really bad that I haven’t had her actual content up. The webmaster needed a certain kind of picture and AJR was the last model we shot before the site opened.  I did get to see the footage as the cameraman was editing it last week and it looks to be fine stuff. Amelia is such an excellent submissive she makes her domme look good.  From watching the footage I remembered I was jealous of her height and kept running around like a maniac putting her in different positions and grabbing implements to whack her with.  The words fast and furious come to mind. I remember reading an interview with Amelia on The Cherry Red Report and she said I was much stricter than she had expected.  I thought how nice of Amelia to help me promote our product but when I watched the footage I think she was nicely saying I was psychotic.  Anyway, she’s wonderful and the scene comes off as very What Happened to Baby Jane with me in crazy Bette Davis mode and Amelia as someone much prettier than Joan Crawford. 

I am about to announce the cast of EE4 .  It is almost finalized and I will say that Alanah Rae has joined the cast which will make a lot of people really happy. Hopefully the poor dear will be able to handle Lana’s heavy hand.  Lilly Anna of Punished Brats fame (Thank you, David for loaning this sweet girl out to us) is being flown into town for the weekend and will be shooting her ass off. EE4 and more!

Kate James or Katy Rose, as I know her, has been busy lately and sent me a link to a filmed spanking she was involved in.  Would love to have her in one of the future EEs and check out her free spanking video.

Looking forward to my Meet and Beat with Lilly Anna

Lilly Anna of Punished Brats

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19th February 2009

Videos for Sale at Shadowlane 

For the Shadowlane Spanking Convention we will have a handful of new videos for sale.  Long Weekend, which is currently on Girl Spanks Girl, will be the newest long video we’ll have on DVD.  The response to the video which is currently about half way through is interesting as people don’t seem to mind the fact that the new domme doesn’t spank so hard because her look and manner are so accurate.   I am very pleased that some people feel a spanking does not have to be too brutal to do its job.  I do come in and spank Sarah and Jackie in the second half of the video and not used to being the heavy hittter I was comfortable shooting with girls who really let me cut loose. For my first scene with Abigail Whittacker I realized early on she needed it strict and hard, it really seemed to be the only way to play a scene with her at this shoot, which was our first.  I like to be able to tune into the spankers needs in the 2 hours we have together!

Also at the convention we’ll have copies of The Professional Student with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Lana and myself. I thought this was our best vid of the years. Also we have a new office spanking compilation form My Spanking Roommate and a Collection of Callgirls scenes.  Of course I’ll bring plenty of other long videos and EE3′s.  Let me know if there is anything you are looking for as I don’t do mail order (you can order our stuff thru Shadowlane) so I’ll be sure to bring a copy.

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19th November 2008

Spanking Models Hustling for the Holidays

This Kailee scece coming to CSM Monday 

I got some email from model friends whom I have shot.  The talented Beverly Bacci needs your vote.  Now that we are wound down from the big election, please help a spanking model win a bunch of fetish wear that I am sure she will gleefully model for us on her blog.  I haven’t shot with any of the other lovelies on the page but I do know Beverly would be an excellent spokesmodel for the company.  She has her own great look, (one of my favorites) and is a hard worker.  Everyone who shoots her loves her.  Please go HERE. I signed up and voted for her yesterday and have not been spammed so go for it.  I don’t like latex but it sure looks good on her.

 I also heard from Addie Juniper. This is another very bright beauty who knows how to get her image out there and has made significant contributions to spanking recently.  Check out Addie’s Spanking Blog. 

Not to mislead, the picture above is the Kailee content on Clare Spanks Men Monday. It was the first scene Kailee shot with Danny Wylde (the boyfriend of Dana DeArmond, another model turned producer) I out the one of the two of them on the bed because I thought everyone would want to see Kailee in a slip.  I forgot how good she looks in jeans.  It is nice to see her back in the spanking world. 

Finally I very much like how The Professional Student is playing out on Girl Spanks Girl.  Amelia Jane and Lana are hilarious together. I know the most important thing is for the video to be spankably sexy but funny is a sub niche I enjoy in the spanking world.

Okay bye for now and remeber to vote for Bevelry Bacci.  Yes we can!

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14th October 2008

Coming Soon From Clare Fonda (for real)

Lana Spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford 

The Professional Student with Lana and Amelia Jane Rutherford will be the next long video on GSG 

I bet quite a few people had thought about this match up besides me.  It was only a matter of time before Lana met Amelia, and boy did she like her.  It is also fun to hear Amelia with her English accent saying”All right, Lah-ner. I understand, Lah-ner.”  This video is being edited now so I got to hear it all day and I daresay will be up on Girl Spanks Girl within two weeks. It is called The Professional Student and is bound to be over an hour long.  Speaking of things I have promised and not delivered, the Kissy Capri interview and spanking will be up on Sweeties in just a couple of days.  Sorry to have kept everyone waiting with this.  Since Kissy is so adorable I have dangled her in front of you like a little blond carrot but she is almost ready to go.

I was at the Whole Foods Supermarket this morning. This is a US chain, maybe just on the West Coast that specializes in healthy foods, organically grown veggies, etc., but high end labels so you get a lot of executive women shopping for groceries, very fem dom looking with heels and hose before noon.  Since I work from home I was in sweats and a pajama top so trying to get in and out of there as quickly as possible, atlhough the likelihood of seeing someoone I know is diminished by the fact that most of the Whole Foods’ patrons are members of the work force.  I had to stop and look at a wooden hairbrush by Bass. I have noticed their hair products before and with good reason, the label said since 1979. That’s almost thirty years of spanking.  I liked the size of the brush and it looked like it would hurt just enough for a video shoot but I had to hear how it sounded so I gave a hard whack on my sweatpants, and then looked around to assess the damage. No one had noticed a damn thing.  I have never caused any trouble at all trying out brushes on my butt in a drugstore or grocery store. All I did was embarrass my boyfriend.  The good news though was he found the whack extremely resonant and the Bass brush, for $17.95, will be a much-used prop in my next shoot if not tried out on me even earlier, because I don’t think it is fair to make the girls be spanked with something I haven’t tried myself. 

I promise you Kissy was worth the wait.  Coming this week on Sweeties

Clare Fonda spanks Kissy Capri

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26th September 2008

Amelia Jane Rutherford’s Spanking Tour

Clare Fonda Straps Amelia Jane Rutherford

I feel stubby, oh so stubby 

Amelia Jane Rutherford was in town last week and shot for Chelsea, Dallas and me and maybe more.  She was an excellent girl and I am sure I will make a lot of people happy slapping up this pic.  I just a have a few that we were snapping off for Call Girls cover shots but She also shot with Lana for Girl Spanks Girl in a video called The Professional Student.  It was cut from the same cloth as EE3 but poor Amelia had to take the heat for ten girls, well-that would be a bit over the top, but she and Lana show off their stamina in this one and Amelia took a spanking from the Cameraman later.  Amelia is incredible looking with her catwalk model/ballet dancers bod I kinda felt justified smacking her ass.  I mean I am used to models making me feel old and plain, but never short or just downright genetically inferior!  I am very sorry I did not get chance to have her top me but if on a shoot we get 75% of our goal footage it was a great day with excellent models and we proobaly got 80% working with Amelia and Lana.

Callgirls is right around the corner. I am merely changing the name of the Kara site and keeping the Kara content online as part of Spanked Call Girls but these things become paperwork nightmares with billing and hosting.  I think to be realistic I will get it up Monday, Oct. 6. Stay on the Kara site now, current members, and you will be treated to 25 new clips that day. 

One more detail from the shoot- Lana gave Amelia Jane a mouthsoaping.  As tough as Lana is with her spanking love, she’s a mouthsoaping pussy.  I think she needs a good one herself! 

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22nd September 2008

Sorry About the Man Ass

Clare Spanks Men!

I know not all of you are fans of a man ass shot but I took this when we shot Anthony last year for the fem dom site and I am working hard today and need a treat!  Shooting Amelia Jane Rutherford tomorrow.  I have never met her but am hearing great things about how sweet and bright she is, and her spanking work speaks for itself. Eve Howard has said very nice things about her.  I wonder how it will feel to spank such a tall girl.  I wanted Amelia to top a man but that is not her thing (although she did top Samantha Grace for Shadowlane), and there is something to be said for ladies who stick to what they really love, like Erica Scott, and bottom only.  They are getting to explore what they want and making some good money as well.  I always enjoy topping a woman who really likes to be spanked but when she does not it can help for the realism of the whole “Let’s get this over with. It hurts me more than it hurts  you” vibe.  Speaking of, I have a line on a genuine mother/daughter team who may be up for a spanking.  The mom spanking the daughter that is, the other way round is a bit sick- even for me!  Anyway enjoy the Anthony’s red bottom picture.  I didn’t make it too big as I don’t want to upset those who hate the sight of a well-spanked man.  No matter whether man like it or not, they enjoy being over your lap so I don’t feel bad hammering away at their bare butts.  I like to take my time!

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