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Tom Byron Gets His Ass Beat!

1st January 2012

Tom Byron Gets His Ass Beat!

Sorry to put man ass up on here but Tom Byron is a very pretty man. This was one of our scenes we shot at the Shadowlane party this year and it was great. You take a heavy player like Tom and put him in the capable hands of Miss Chris  and her protogee Jenni Mack and have Veronica (Audrey Tate when she works F/m) start the party. You can catch this scene on where a lot of the female models want to work, hmmm. They actually request a job beating man ass and ladies love to work with Tom cause he can take it.

I hope everyone had a great new year’s eve. I was at a chilled out party at my best friend’s house with the usual suspects. I don’t make resolutions cause I am always doing the best I can. Actually I resolve to travel more. I had a good time with family this Christmas but that is not a vacation. Do not let anyone tell you visiting relatives is a holiday. It can be nice, but I hope this year everyone gets to take a real holiday. My next destination is back to Vegas to visit Tony, Eve and Bill at the Shadowlane Headquarters. Happy 2012 and if you do have resolutions I’d love to hear them. 

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30th May 2010 Blog Sexually Active

Clare Spanks Men 

I have been dragging my ass with this blog but then I got a bunch of encouraging comments urging me to keep it going. Kade is the bad boy I am about to paddle on . He is an excellent young fetish actor who has a high tolerance. I would much rather push a guy’s limits than a girl’s, just as I would much rather argue with a man, not that I am looking for a fight at the moment. Thank you, Kade, for doing so well in our scenes and being a total professional. You are a love!

As the casting goes on for EE5, we have offered two hardcore adult actresses roles. Hollie Stevens and Kelly Divine have done spanking videos before, and I will keep you posted as to whether they are interested in our big August shoot.

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13th March 2010

Current Spanking Updates!

Back to School

Lana and Desiree really are on Girl Spanks Girl now in Back to School.

Kat St.James

Kat St.James is the newbie on Spanked Call Girls 

After getting myself in a bit of trouble by miscommunicating with the Cameraman as to when Back to School premiered on GSG (yesterday) I am making up for it with fresh material on other sites that is actually running now!  As of yesterday, Sinn Sage is being interviewed and spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St.James is playing a new hooker on Spanked Call Girls, Lily Anna is trying to make me her mommy on Naughty Diaper Girls and Kay Richards can be seen beating the hell out of a man on Clare Spanks Men.  Not to be outdone, Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are on Roommate next week. This is the whole truth and I will put my ass on the line stating it.

It seems Sinn and I bring out some goofy faces in each other on Spanked Sweeties

Sinn Sage on Spanked Sweeties

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13th July 2009

Naughty Diaper Girls Now Takes VISA

Clare Spanks Men 

Audrey Knight tops Tom Byron on Clare Spanks Men 

It’s not everyone’s fetish, but for those who love sexy chicks in diapers and also love using your VISA, do I have a site for you.

Also proud to mention that Audrey Knight comes to Clare Spanks Men topping none other than Tom Byron.  The opening scene is called “Beating Bro” and I commission Audrey to beat the ass of my brother who is always casuing family drama.  This was a very satisfying scene for Audrey and she seemed to genuinely enjoy herself. Tom was very impressed and took it hard to show his respect for this new top femme dom. 

I checked my PO Box the other day and I got some really nice gifts.  Thanks for the Alaskan souvenirs – you know who you are!!  I got a nice purple nightshirt that comes in handy when I chase the bunnies down my street at 3AM. It’s the only way I can make the pit bull I am fostering stop barking.  These tamed mutant rabbits of Reseda just come right up to your front gate and the pit bull is just doing her job, so I gotta do mine out in my purple nightshirt – the crazy lady rabbit chaser.  I’m trying to keep my kooky image up so no one thinks I am cool enough to be shooting fetish videos in my living room. So far so good.

Rescue dog Tom Fonda

Clare Fonda Rescue

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15th November 2008

A Kailee Spanking

Kailee Spanks Men 

Kailee and Danny Wylde on Clare Spanks Men next week 

Sorry I missed the Love our Lurkers day. I was not trying to be a rebel. I just forgot.  This would have been a good blog to do it on as people are pretty quiet on comments. Hint Hint.  Oh - that does not include the person who keeps leaving me their address asking me to come spank them.  If this even is your address – or that of an ex girlfriend you want to expose- I have no desire to descend upon your ass so please stop leaving this address all over the blog!  That being said I do appreciate all comments and visitors to the blog and even the smack talkers I allow- just don’t expect me not to bite back and I will have it together for the LOL day next year.

Kailee was on town and I mainly had her top a dude.  She was very excited about this and issued some excellent verbal corrections to Danny Wylde as well as having a hard hand that he was not going to be able to take too much more of.  As much as I do like the realistic mom spankings we do on Clare Spanks Men ,it is also a very hot scene to have two young people engage in a F/m spanking, so humiliating to have a young man spanked by a female roommate or classmate.  Whether he was spanked growing up or not he is not ready to be taken over the knee of a girl he should be flirting with on campus.  Kailee actually spanked Danny for flirting with girls to get his homework done and she did this on behalf on all the girls at school.  Maybe that is why his ass got so red. 

In other news I’d like to congratulate Amber Pixie Wells for the quickest thank you card for a wedding present ever!  It came in the mail two weeks ago.  You are welcome, Bridey.

 I am still having plenty of fun on the F/m site!

Bully Spanked!

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21st October 2008

Spanked Calls Girls VISA Approved

Madam Clare on Spanked Call Girls

No, VISA, those are not real hookers on the site!

Spanked Call Girls just got approved to take VISA .  We have also worked with CCBill to make sure billing does not say Clare Fonda on it in any way – it simply has our company name which shouldn’t get anyone in trouble -this goes for all our sites.  Call Girls is now part of Clare Fonda Pass and is the site you get on the three site special (Sweeties, Girl Spanks Girl and Call Girls) 

My boyfriend plays baseball for a sportswear company and he tunred me onto the video of a ball player saying he loved to get his ass hammered by a bunch of guys.  He is, of course, talking about the support pro athletes (and I think especially baseball players) give each other with a smack on the ass.  He used to be comfortable with this current craze but afer looking over my shoulder as I work on the sites, he sees spanking in a different way.  He says when guys run up to him now he turns around and guards his ass.  The curse of being Clare Fonda’s dude, spanking has lost its innocence.  

“If I catch you using our credit card for spanking porn again you’re gonna get…HEY WAIT!”

Rosario Stone on Clare Spanks Men

Rosario and Mario Stone on Clare Spanks Men

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22nd September 2008

Sorry About the Man Ass

Clare Spanks Men!

I know not all of you are fans of a man ass shot but I took this when we shot Anthony last year for the fem dom site and I am working hard today and need a treat!  Shooting Amelia Jane Rutherford tomorrow.  I have never met her but am hearing great things about how sweet and bright she is, and her spanking work speaks for itself. Eve Howard has said very nice things about her.  I wonder how it will feel to spank such a tall girl.  I wanted Amelia to top a man but that is not her thing (although she did top Samantha Grace for Shadowlane), and there is something to be said for ladies who stick to what they really love, like Erica Scott, and bottom only.  They are getting to explore what they want and making some good money as well.  I always enjoy topping a woman who really likes to be spanked but when she does not it can help for the realism of the whole “Let’s get this over with. It hurts me more than it hurts  you” vibe.  Speaking of, I have a line on a genuine mother/daughter team who may be up for a spanking.  The mom spanking the daughter that is, the other way round is a bit sick- even for me!  Anyway enjoy the Anthony’s red bottom picture.  I didn’t make it too big as I don’t want to upset those who hate the sight of a well-spanked man.  No matter whether man like it or not, they enjoy being over your lap so I don’t feel bad hammering away at their bare butts.  I like to take my time!

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12th June 2008

Clare Spanks Men Up and at ‘Em

Jewell Marceau spanks Tom Byron

I like this shot of Jewell Marceau and Tom Byron from Clare Spanks Men because to me it shows him fighting the spanking but in the moment before it crosses over to pleasure.  TB is a manly man and he is never gonna show that much pleasure (thank God!) but I am satisfied that what looks to me like the moment right before he did the happy dance was captured.  I do have to remember though that the details are what really make a great video. Much of the time I like to just cast it right, like above, but we are going to have a nice long shoot with EE3 and some nitpicking will be natural.

I also wanted to give a mention to my friend Neil’s blog Spank Bad Ass.  Neil is very cool and would love links and new pals so please give him a visit.  I think I will be in England this year so maybe I will actually meet this guy who has been a big help to me in recent months.  Yeah, another trip to Amsterdam is in the works with London as the opener.  Amsterdam was so much fun last year so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 

Please don’t make any jokes about vacations making me broke!

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10th June 2008

Silly Shot of the Week

Call Me First

Why the fuck am I spanking this bitch?   

I had to put this pic up nice and big for you guys so you could see the look on my face.  This is why I do not like my shoots to go on too long.  Do not worry though, for this table turning scene in Call Me First Lena Ramon got it good.  Coming home to find out my little sister had been spanking my girls (Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory), I really unloaded on her ass.  Anyway, enough about that video as I know I have whored it out it for a month now and the damn thing is so long- when will it end?  One more scene with Chloe, Sarah and I and Call Me First will be complete. I f you haven’t seen it on Girl Spanks Girl or some pirated clips email group we will be selling the DVD at Shadowlane. 

The tentative big news around here is that we will be, more than likely, shooting EE3 on Sunday, July13th. I have reserved the studio I am just waiting to hear back from Lana and then we get the girls on board but it looks like a go and a great cast of some of the best known spanking models as well as the newbies we have premiered. Fans of EE1 and EE2  -I have a month and am open to suggestions.

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