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Nudge, Nudge, Nudge

4th December 2007

Nudge, Nudge, Nudge

Katy Rose nudged me (cyber nudge, she is not in Los Angeles at the moment) and said you really must get something  up on the blog.  Yes, I am back in town from Amsterdam and as you can imagine came back to a lot of work.  If you are a current member I hope you enjoy the updates on the sites.  I tried to bring some new blood to the surface this week and hold off on pics of my ass running around Amsterdam.  I am looking at some of my receipts and as you probably know – it is not cheap there.  Forty bucks for a hamburger!  Was I high??  The answer is YES!   Let’s change the subject shall we…Here is a funny pic of me looking very threatening on Madison Martin, who could probably kick my ass into next week, but here she is being paid to take a good spanking with implements and she gets through it on Spanked Sweeties.  Madison is a hip hop dancer in real life and she is quite muscular. I don’t know if that is what helps her sub so well or it may be the way she grunts thru her spankings.  She is good on top as well, but Sweeties this week shows this tough girl, with what just may be my camerman’s favorite backside on the web, taking a hard spanking.   Sara Faye is my newbie on Kara Prepare Yourself.  Check out more of this lady at Sexy Diaper Girls.  This a new blog of mine and if you are not into diapers probably wise to give it a miss or just go there once, but don’t say I didn’t warn you… Lot’s of diapers.

- Clare Fonda

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