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WWW.JamieFosterStrips.Com Opens.

5th June 2013

WWW.JamieFosterStrips.Com Opens.

Miss Chris needs to see the whole package on

As many of my pals know I have been working on a new site for the last few months. It’s a genre I enoy on Clips4Sale – forced stripping. I got turned onto this by working with Lorelei Mission. She has the top forced stripping store on Clips4sale. Spanking folk will know her as Kristy Imboch first but she’s a big force in force, too. I wanted to do my own site where i was using my talents such as playing roles of teachers, secretaries, soccer moms and I also wanted to put my ability to cry on camera to good use since I am no longer using it OTK. I like these clips because you get to be really shy and embarrassed or haughty and knocked down a peg or two, all fun to play. It’s mainly POV but I will occasionally have a guest top, like Miss Chris above a self righteous head of the community watch. She was great. I picked this pose as it was a bit of a flashback to a spanking scene. I was worried Miss Chris would not want to do a genre other than spanking on camera but she’s such a good actress and lady, she made this scene very real- and she’s always funny as hell.

Plenty of booty on the new site

Some of the scenes are so dark though when I was putting the pics up on the site I cringed a little (No, not cause of weight or wrinkles!). I don’t like torture movies and it goes there a little bit sometimes. I do think the site is a good mix of edgy and silly sexy though so at least enjoy the free tour even if Forced Stripping is not your thing. I won’t be doing any more of these types of clips on my so this site is the way to go.

Plenty of tears, too

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