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Lily Anna on Girl Spanks Girl

20th May 2010

Lily Anna on Girl Spanks Girl

Lily Anna on Girl Spanks Girl

The lovely Lily Anna has one video that just ended on Girl Spanks Girl, Aunt Bella. She took a long, hard mouthsoaping in the final scene. As of this week, she has a mother/daughter video with me called Growing Pains. The first thing she is being spanked for is constantly texting while her mother is trying to have a conversation with her.  I can relate to this as it can be very annoying and I would much rather spank someone for something that offends me, like constant texting, than for something I actually believe in, say- dressing like a slut.  Lily gets spanked several times in the video and it is easy to see why she is one of the most popular models today. She just got engaged and will be married this time next year. Sorry, dudes- but that’s what websites are for. Besides, marriage is a huge commitment - three or four whole years of your life! Isn’t it so much better to have that non-reccuring subscription? Anyway, I really enjoy working with Lily Anna and look forward to spanking this young Mrs. for years to come.

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13th March 2010

Current Spanking Updates!

Back to School

Lana and Desiree really are on Girl Spanks Girl now in Back to School.

Kat St.James

Kat St.James is the newbie on Spanked Call Girls 

After getting myself in a bit of trouble by miscommunicating with the Cameraman as to when Back to School premiered on GSG (yesterday) I am making up for it with fresh material on other sites that is actually running now!  As of yesterday, Sinn Sage is being interviewed and spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St.James is playing a new hooker on Spanked Call Girls, Lily Anna is trying to make me her mommy on Naughty Diaper Girls and Kay Richards can be seen beating the hell out of a man on Clare Spanks Men.  Not to be outdone, Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are on Roommate next week. This is the whole truth and I will put my ass on the line stating it.

It seems Sinn and I bring out some goofy faces in each other on Spanked Sweeties

Sinn Sage on Spanked Sweeties

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10th February 2010

Lily Anna Beats and Blogs

Lily Anna and Kade

Lil Anna and Kade on Clare Spanks Men

Lily Anna has started herself a blog and says she is addicted to blogging.  She is a very interesting girl so this should be good.

My friend Alvin is painting my living room for me as I write this.  The walls are brown now and it has kind of a farmhouse look.  That’s what I am going for, a very Childen of the Corn vibe. That works for me.  We shoot again on Thursday and I want the place to look scary homey.  It really is nice to rent a house with some privacy after years of apartment living where you are nervous about offending your neighbors with your footsteps.  I can’t believe no one ever complained about a shoot or some loud sex. I had this neighbor downstairs from me whose boyfriend used to make these really loud and very bitch-like orgasm noises in the middle of the night.  I would hear “Ah, ah ah!”  and I would crack up picturing the scene.  When they broke up she complained he made wierd cum sounds and I had to pretend I had never heard them. She asked me and I lied.  She eventually complained that my boyfriend was walking too loudly and she moved. The next tenent was a stripper who minded her business, but occasionally asked me to watch her kid.  Because of things like this I try hard not to bond with my neighbors. 

Sarah Gregory was in town and she was looking good. I also saw Chelsea Pfeiffer for a few minutes when I went to pick up Sarah from a shoot. We talked about how busy we have been and how we are going to make time for a martini soon, very soon.  I have been going thru hassles on my server and doing taxes but Chelsea was very nice and said “If you are stressed you don’t show it.”  Miss Pfeiffer always looks amazing and I am looking forward to our drink.

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14th December 2009

Aunt Bella Premieres on Girl Spanks Girl 

Alcia Panetierre, Snow Mercy and Lily Anna star in Aunt Bella now playing on Girl Spanks Girl 

We moved the last video we shot up in the queue as I think it is a great follow up to EE4 on Girl Spanks Girl.  Aunt Bella starts today and it stars Snow Mercy, Lily Anna and Alicia Panetierre, whom me met at Shadowlane and she came out a week or so ago to shoot the vid. She is a lovely young woman totally natural, and a real spanko.  I love her eyebrows! Lily Anna took a really hard spanking and worked on a bunch of projects all weekend. She was just great.  She has a delicious sense of humor and looks wonderful. Sometimes I have to laugh when she is getting spanked – not when I am in the scene with her but when I am running the camera which is still bad.  She cries but I know it is just a release for her, not a truly horrific experience, although she did take it very hard this time.  She did very well and held her own next to Alicia who explores spanking in her real life.

Snow was excellent and I spanked her hard in a flashback sequence.  A friend of hers told me she loved it so I didn’t go easy on her.  The Cameraman told me it was a very good scene.  I knocked my elbow on the back on the chair we were using so I was very relieved to take her to the “naughty chair” -a high chair we have used in a few of our shoots and that way Snow was free to wiggle around and I able to cut loose with the hairbrush atop the naughty chair!  It’s a damn good vid and please enjoy Alcia’s blog

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