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Lana Gets Spanked

23rd April 2010

Lana Gets Spanked

Lana Gets Spanked 

Is that who I think it is? 

Coming to My Spanking Roommate on Monday, Luscious Lana, our top domme, submits to a spanking herself from Kailee and Madison Martin.  I am told it is a modest spanking, as Lana pulls down her skirt once her panties are revealed, but it is so rare that a domme of Lana’s level gets over anyone’s knee that it is a great start to Lana taking some swats. Kailee and Madison can spank hard as well.  Lana, I know can take it, but she got shy.  The good news is we did get a bare bottom spanking of her which will be out soon on Sweeties, and this episode on Roommate does feature her taking care of Madison Martin’s bare bottom. Madison is one of Lana’s favorites to work with, if not her absolute favorite. We know Lana can cut loose and give a real beating and Madison has always been up for that, plus it will be fun to watch an embarrassed Lana. I am looking forward. Lana gets spanked in a couple of our early videos that are on Girl Spanks Girl and I always tease her about them.

I have a big shoot this weekend with Alanah Rae, Snow Mercy  and Alcia Panetierre who will be flying in from out of town. It will be our summer coporal video before we shoot EE5. Also news this week is that Sarah Gregory opened her own paysite.  I know Sarah has been working on this for a while and has some excellent content so congratulations to her. XXX for now, back to shoot prep (or whatever you think I’m really doing)

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26th March 2010

Chloe Elise Back on My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate 

 When Chloe Spanked Snow, on My Spanking Roommate

 Chloe Elise - My Spanking Roommate

Give us a comment on the paddle, Dave 

Our newest Star on My Spanking Roommate is back. Chloe Elise does as scene in which she punished Snow Mercy with hand, hairbrush and paddle. This paddle was sent by Dave from Cherry Red and maybe he would be so good as to leave a comment below and tell people how they can order one. It was a nice gift to get in the mail.   Feel free to send me costumes and implements (or whatever) at:

Clare Fonda

4821 Lankershim Blvd; Ste F289

North Hollywood, CA 91601

 If you’re going to send clothes for the girls please be sure and send me something, too! I’m only human…

Although I am sure many find the whole Sandra Bullock/Jesse James thing disturbing, I have to appreciate a man who loves tattoos.  There are so many times I have to turn down a model who has too many tatts for spanking videos – and the sad thing is she really wants a hard spanking.  I can totally understand how a girl with a bunch of ink is not believable on a schoolgirl and cannot pull off the girl-next-door fantasy that is so important in many of my videos, but I’m just letting Jesse know if he’s like anything custom produced- I have the talent good to go.

Oh yeah, Madison Martin is also passed around by the girls of EE4 who make a cameo on Roommate.

My Spanking Roommate

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6th November 2009

Free Spanking Video

 Clare Fonda, our pal.

sent to the corner for messy hair 

Our revamped My Spanking Roommate is up so please check out the free spanking video showing off quite a few new scenes and characters. Chloe Elise and  Madison Martin are the stars of the current episode and we retooled the website a bit. Still a few modifications to be made on our design but enjoy the free clip. We have 38 episodes on Roommate and we started it Valentine’s Day of 2008 so plenty of content on that site and Chloe’s character evolution is a welcome addition.

I also have a fun interview up on Spank Place with some pics from my freind Alex George. Thank you A.G. and Mark Johnson of Spank Place who runs a really nice interview site. Please check it out.

Okay, I may be going to some cougar party tonight or staying home as many cougars do - paying bills.  I hope we all get to party at some point this weekend. Have a good one… 

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2nd November 2009

Countdown to Chloe Continues

Chloe Elise on My Spanking Roommate 

We were supposed to release our new footage of Chloe Elise on My Spanking Roommate today but The Cameraman had a nasty computer crash late last week losing about 20 hours of work so we are pushed back til Wednesday.  The first scene is pictured above. Chloe is moving in with Snow Mercy and decides to arrive early. She didn’t know that Snow’s friend Madison is in there making some pudding.  Madison finds it shady that Chloe has just sneaked in and gets her OTK with the pudding spoon.  Everyone seems to be very responsive to the overalls that Chloe is wearing.  I had some myself when I was about her age and then when I started pushing 30 I decided to stop wearing anything baggy. It just doesn’t work for my exhibitionist nature.  My male roommate offered to take them off my hands.  I should have known then that he was gay.  Now he shares a home with the man of his dreams and is in far more of a functional relationship than most of my straight friends.  He’d be about 47 now so I sure hope he got rid of those overalls….ouch.

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24th October 2009

Countown to Chloe on My Spanking Roommate

 Chloe on Spanked Call Girls

Chloe is clearly gifted. 

Incase you haven’t read Chloes blog, the news is that she’s our new babe on My Spanking Roommate.  Besides the wonderful Kay Richards and Madison Martin and the other cast members on the spanking soap opera we have fleshed out (heh heh,pervy laugh) the roles of some existing co stars and introduced some new characters.  Chloe had a small role on the site before but is now a major part of things and it will be great to have Miss Chris and Audrey Knight as new tops.  Chloe’s first scene with Madison Martin premieres on Monday, Nov 2.  I’ll also be running some content this Monday of a very vulnerable little Chloe being man spanked on Spanked Call Girls that day so it’s now time for me to shamelessly self promote and say if you love Chloe Elise it’s a great time to join all the sites she’s on with our Clare Fonda Pass.

It has been really nice to see Abigail Whittaker on Spanked Sweeties and it reminds of how well we got along.  Although I am way older than Abi she reminds me of someone I would sneak off and get high with in the school bathroom.  She seems like the type of girl you’d want to be trapped in an elevator with because she has a calming effect and could fit thru any small opening that may lead to rescue.  Anyway, I am sure our paths will cross again sometime and she has a hot scene on Sweeties right now with Sarah Gregory.  Sarah so loves getting spanked and will be at the Crimson Moon party next week.  Please do keep your eye on her!

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31st December 2008

Clare Fonda Outed

My Spanking Roommate 

Fancy meeting Harmony in a dark alley. 

I went thru a difficult thing adult actors sometimes have to deal with today.  My ex (as of 6pm) boyfriend called my family and told them I was a hooker who did porn.  I think this is a day people in the industry dread coming.  I wouldn’t call myself a hooker as I haven’t had a client in ages, but I guess you suck one or two dicks for money and all of a sudden people judge ya’!  I much prefer to work out my prostitution fantasies on Spanked Call Girls.  That’s when you knwo you’re a bit old to be hooking, when you have to play the pimp.  Honestly though a good escort of any age is always good to know as I have friends on the look out who support the institution of prostitution.    

As The Camerman’s birthday draws near a great shoot he did plays on Roommate. Madison looks so fit in her leotard and Harmony is a ballbusting blond boss, always dressing like slut at work.  I love it how this woman can be wearing something a little longer than biker shorts and still make a beleivable supervisor. The site must be set in Florida.

 I also want to thank everyone on the post below for offering their opinion on the whole WMV vs. RM debate. I have gotten quite a few private emails and value all the feedback, and the usual lascivious comments are welcome, too.  By the way, does anyone have any idea wherabouts in Mexico Paris Kennedy and I should go the end of February?  Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo, or some place not beginning with a “C’ ?

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14th September 2008

Cameraman’s Favorite Spanking

My Spanking Roommate

I thought it was worth mentioning that what is currently running on My Spanking Roommate is the cameraman’s favorite scene with two of his most cherished models, Harmony and Madison Martin.  He loves the office thing (although I wish we would have made Harmony dress more appropriately- she always has an abundance of slutty clothes, that one!) and as you can probably guess is partial to girl/girl spanking scenarios.  This has a variety of positions and implements, Madison Martin is a fetching domme and Harmony always a spirited sub who will do whatever you want her to on set, or at least whatever we have ever wanted her to. It is good to see her back.  We have tried to get her in the big schoolgirl video for the past two years but she is never in town when we shoot it, maybe this year. 

Things seem pretty good on the internet right now with spanking as Chelsea has opened Spank Sinn which appears to be doing very well.  Sinn Sage is another girl who can take a hard paddling, caning, basically down for whatever in the girl/girl spanking scene.  Beofre she took the paddle on EE3 she wanted to see and touch it and once she gave her okay there was no going back.  There is a particular kind of spanking model who likes to challenge herself and show others what she can take and I wonder if these are the same girls who won the Presidential Physical Fitness award year in and out in elementary school.  Is that even still going on today as I sure know paddlings aren’t.

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27th August 2008

Shadowlane Spanking Specials

Clare Fonda Waits

 Where are my pretty little models? Did they get scared?

We had a great shoot the other day with four models.  Kylee Reese (EE3), her friend Claire Dames, Rosario Stone (EE2) and her husband, Mario Stone.  Mr. and Mrs. Stone did some wonderful scenes for the upcoming Spanked Call Girls as well as my femme domme site with wifey doing the topping.  Claire was a pleasant surprise she had a little bit of a Maggie Gylenhaal vibe and I promise a Spanked Call Girls Post before I depart for Shadowlane on Friday.  Here’s what we will be bringing to sell at SL by way of DVD’s:

EE3 (83 minutes) - This will be sold by Shadowlane later on this year but if you don’t want to wait we have it now.  Of course we will have EE1 and EE2, selling all three for $50 (I think Brad mentioned he wanted this package) Infact ANY three DVD’s are $50, but  I’m always curious to find out which year of Exclusive Education you like best.

CALL ME FIRST (79 minutes)- Our long domestic drama with Lena Ramon at the helm topping Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory.  I co spank as “Mom”

Amber Pixie Wells and Kendra Meet Aunt Gwen (48 minutes)  This features a well spanked Pixie, and new spanking model Kendra getting a rectal temp taking. (Not Pixie, sorry!) but some great dynamics in this one as I punish them both.

Spanked Sweeties presents Ashley Edmonds – (46 minutes)This was our first shoot with Ashley who you can currently see in EE3. She tells us vividly how she was spanked my mom and takes several long hand spankings.  She’s a great new spanking starlet who only works for me, so lucky me.

Spanked Sweeties Presents Naomi Cruise with Julie Simone (50 minutes)  Our hottest new bad girl Naomi describes how mom spanked her throughout high school and she and domme Julie play it out. Also has Naomi and I in a bonus buttplug scene. 

Spanked Sweeties Presents Paige Adams (52 minutes)- This blond surfer babe, spanked by mom, was a big hit on Sweeties – a real sasser! We also have a diaper and a rectal temp taking scene as a bonus. 

Erotic Spanking with Kay Richards and Alyssa Dior (33 minutes) The tall and the short of it 6 footer Ayssa has the little Kay OTK and visa versa with some nice G/G lovin’ in the mix.  The plot invloves alcoholics anonymous and special kind of “sponsor” but who cares, LOL.

Girls in Pretty Dresses (38 minutes)  Sarah Gregory, Chloe Elise, Nikki 666 and I switch off dolled up and dressed to the nines.  A good mix of some retro and new footage.

My Spanking Roomate presents Madison Martin, Kay Richards, Harmony, Amy Aveline and Victoria Vonn (30 minutes)- Office and medical sets with some of our hottest new talent from the Roomies site.

My Spanking Roommate presents Madison Martin and Danny Chrighton (27 minutes)  This is a HARD spanking and paddling that Madison took from Shadowlane star Danny plus a bonus called “Madison Needs the Money”  Real tears are cried here. 

I’ll have plenty of older titles as well.  Okay, back to work.

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26th June 2008

EE3 -The Heat Is on.

Spanko Beverly Bacci

Beverly Bacci will be flying into LA to shoot with us for EE3 

I have been busy with the casting of EE3 as well as the usual biz and we have some models confirmed and some strong possibilities.  Incase you don’t know the Exclusive Education (EE) series is where we have a group of 8 schoolgirls, pincipal Lana and a guest teacher.  This year we are shooting for 10 girls in the classroom. Talent confirmed is a great combo of spanking models Madison Martin, Beverly Bacci, Sinn Sage, Emily Jane, and Kay Richards (who was in EE2 and will have a cameo in this year’s) and adult stars Naomi Cruise, Jessica Bangkok and Kylie Reese.  (Naomi shot a Spanked Sweeties with us and told her buddy Kylie would be up for it.   Jessica is an stunning Asian girl)  I am also talking to Ahsley Edmonds and Sarah Gregory (Sarah is 99% confirmed) and Kay Rose has been looking for donations to fly her down. I am putting girls up in a hotel and having some of them stay with me but with soooo much shooting going on that week I need to watch budget as far as flying. Some girls who really want to do an out-of- state video find sponsors as Katy is looking for. It would be great to have her in the video but if she can’t make it this year Katy is going to be a schoolgirl for a long time, and you can see her on her new blog/forum  and  The forum is for spankoos 18-40. Glad I can make the cut off!

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17th June 2008

Danny Chrighton Coming to My Spanking Roommate

Danny Chrighton Spanks Madison Martin

Danny Chrighton handles Madison Martin’s problems on My Spanking Roommate.  

I am pleased the announce the addition of Danny Chrighton to the My Spanking Roommate website.  Danny is a doll- the kind of doll who you wind up and he can spank you for hours and look cute doing it.  People have been complaining that there has not been enough M/f spanking on the web, but the truth is F/F spanking has been doing really well and is easier to shoot as a lot of models don’t want to be spanked by men, on camera that is (husband or boyfriend situation or afraid of getting marked for other shoots).  I speak from experience on Shadowlane vids when I say Danny is a great dude to work with.  He can and will probably spank you pretty hard but it is only if your limits allow it.  He’s a very good spanker and considerate to his castmates so if you are a model who is thinking about being spanked by Danny Chrighton – I would say go for it.

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