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The Spanking Soap Opera Cast Grows

26th July 2011

The Spanking Soap Opera Cast Grows 

There is a group shoot currently running on My Spanking Roommate. Obviously we shot this last year while filming EE5 and it is nice to have it going up now as we are about to do EE6.  Alicia Panettiere plays a teacher who incorporates spanking into her classroom in a major way- which results in the loss of her job.  She does get revenge by spanking the character who suggested it to her, and often on this episodic site someone takes spanking out of the apartment complex and into the workplace or classroom – and it does not always fly. Good thing they can get a revenge spanking on whomever got them in trouble, cause that is how things work on The Spanking Soap Opera. If it were The Jogging Soap Opera one person could chase another or something, and everyone who subscribed to that could enjoy it, but we are aiming to please spanking enthusiasts and this is a very enjoyable episode on My Spanking Roommate as a soap opera is the natural place to have lots of characters with a bunch of drama going on, as the kids are calling it now- “Drama.” 

Below I am posting a picture of my animals. Not all of them are mine, some belong to my ex but it’s a nice collage he made me and as I have posted on my pets before there are some familiar faces, Maxxxi, Goblin and Tom- dogs, and a new dog, Squishy, a 6 year old puggle I got at the Harbor Shelter in San Pedro. What can I tell you? I just fell in love with her. Lots of new cats as well. There is a cat in a cage but that is only because he has feline AIDS and I am getting him to a sanctuary in San Diego where he will have a house and yard to roam in. I only keep guys in cages for long periods of time and that’s because they want it.  

One thing I feel really good about this year is I adopted three cats. Two of them were pregnant strays whose kittens all got adopted so the young moms were spayed and now learning how to get along here. While all of the models seem to find my cats beautiful it seems about 15% if girls are allergic so I am very lucky to not have cat allergies and feel it is my duty to take in more felines, but I have to stop now cause I am becoming the crazy cat lady who shoots spanking videos. That’s pretty crazy… 

A few of these shots were taken by Spanky Sarah Gregory


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2nd July 2011

My Spanking Roommate’s Holiday Special

The 4th of July is not something I am very big on. Number one, I am British. Number two- I do not like fireworks. They annoy me and scare my animals, and I really don’t know anyone who looks good in a red white and blue combo, unless it’s a superheroine costume as pictured. It is hot as hell as Southern Cali this time of year, and since I live in the San Fernando Valley I am in the heart of it, so as I write this I would say the three things I am most thankful for at this moment are Hollie Stevens, Sophie Nova and central AC.  Hollie and Sophie did a nice job in their 4th of July scene for My Spanking Roommate.  I spanked both these girl- not in this scene, but for one on Spanked Callgirls- and they were both very sweet and demure. Hollie I found to be really subby and it made me curious to watch some of her hardcore work. Sophie was mildly bratty but very ladylike as well, just enough brat to make a nice contrast with Hollie’s “Do what you want to me and I’lll love it” vibe. I think both of these girls could take a very hard spanking in the right setting and since we have not yet finalized the casting for EE6, they are certainly “persons of interest.”  It is all a matter of knowing who’s in town, who’s up for it and how much room we have in the cast. The classroom only holds so many!  Feel free to let us know who you’re looking for this year. Lana and Snow Mercy are confirmed as the tops.

Btw, someone please come spank me for drinking too much caffeine and letting the heat get to me.  I feel like I want to pop some ambien, piss a diaper and pass out. Please disregard my mood and enjoy the ass shot.


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5th April 2011

Amber Pixie Wells on My Spanking Roommate

This is a shoot Amber did for us the summer before last and it is currently running on the Spanking Soap Opera My Spanking Roommate.  She is very busy with Punished Brats but we woudl always love to have her shoot for us again. I adore working with Amber but one thing about her is no matter how hard I am wailing on her she may look over her shoulder and say she needs to really feel it a little harder and that is where the hairbrush comes in.

I will still say that the hardest spankings I gave Amber were in Exclusive Education 2 and on Lesbian Landlady where I actually heard her utter some profanity!  Anyway, she’s one of the best loved girls in the industry for a reason. Amber is exquisitely feminine and kind to animals, including whomever I am dating at the time.   She is very good on all our sites, but I get a special kick out of her work on Roommate as she plays a girl who is always getting in trouble for spray painting on walls, or tagging. When you think Amber Pixie Wells the word “graffiti” doesn’t spring to mind, unless you think of Tinkerbell’s wand leaving a trail of light as she zips around, and that won’t get you any street cred. Amber is clearly playing against type and having a good time getting a hot and hard spanking. I hope I get to work with this young lady in 2011 or at least party with her!

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23rd February 2011

Steve Fuller and Chloe Elise on My Spanking Roommate

The beauteous Chloe Elise was spanked and caned by the terminally handsome Steve Fuller, now playing on My Spanking Roommate. The Cameraman and I joke that Steve has sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for a full head of hair and the ability to just get younger and better looking every year. Having worked with Mr. Fuller several times I can testify that Chloe was in great hands. 

We have had some nice male tops working with us as of late. We would not be able to work with a male top who was not really cool.  Kat. St. James and Kyle Johnson were shooting with us last week and you know I wormed my way in there to grab a Kyle spanking. He was so funny and he was right- I was sexually harrassing him (in the scene!) and deserved what I got.  Kat is lovely and it was fun to play her bitchy mom and get her bratting back.  The Cameraman also had some fun the other night -spanking Snow Mercy. He spanked her hard and they were both really funny in the scene. They are friends and it showed in all the shit they were talking and fun they were having. We’ll have pics of all this coming up- but here’s something I do have a shot of… Goblin.  The above picture of Chloe reminded me that my youngest dog- Goblin (Gobbletini) was by far her favorite.  Goblin is very playful and I am not so I count on the models to give her a workout. I have to say Ten was a great auntie recently, playing hard with Goblin and then snuggling with her at night. Goblin is about 6 or so now (rescue). As you can see there area  few piss stains on the floor and that would be her. Fortunatley I had a romantic Valentine’s Day which consisted of cleaning the carpets at my and my ex’s places.  No flowers, no candy, no piss stains.


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28th January 2011

Me and Miss Chris….


 We got a thing….goin’ on!  In my twisted mind February is gonna be spank Clare Fonda month, so thank God it’s the shortest month of the year, and who better to get things going with than Miss Chris. On My Spanking Roommate, I play a lesbian cougar with a thing for cops. This was quite a stretch as in real life I am a heterosexual cougar with a fear of cops, but this is the spanking soap opera and it is fun to flirt with Miss Chris, and her character, Officer Chris (creative, eh?) does not take it well. Miss Chris has a powerful arm and she got real tears off me in this scene.  Not only did my bottom hurt I was afraid to raise my head and crack it on the bathroom sink.

I just got good news that Chris will be out in LA in a couple of months so I will no doubt be getting more footage of her doing her thing, that is - being a hardass domme with a heart of gold!

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23rd May 2010

Chloe Elise Back on My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate 

The lastest episode on the spanking soap opera. 

In the episode “Overpowered” on My Spanking Roommate, Chloe Elise is spanked by Snow Mercy and then enlists the help of Kailee to overthrow Snow.  It is always a good time to watch Snow get spanked as she tends to egg the girls on with “Is that all you’ve got?” etc…  Snow is going to Haiti in a few weeks as I mentioned below and if you would like to donate to her fund which helps with efforts in Haiti, check out  Disaster relief is a strong interest of hers and it is interesting to find out why.

I am please to announce that Nikki Rouge has been added to the cast of EE5.  Nikki is currently starring Shadowlane’s Bare Assets as well as having worked for Dallas a few times. When the girls have worked for these companies I know that they can handle a Lana spanking without having a complete nervous breakdown or catharsis, depending on how you look at it.

Nikki Rouge will be an asset to EE5

 Darling Nikki

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23rd April 2010

Lana Gets Spanked

Lana Gets Spanked 

Is that who I think it is? 

Coming to My Spanking Roommate on Monday, Luscious Lana, our top domme, submits to a spanking herself from Kailee and Madison Martin.  I am told it is a modest spanking, as Lana pulls down her skirt once her panties are revealed, but it is so rare that a domme of Lana’s level gets over anyone’s knee that it is a great start to Lana taking some swats. Kailee and Madison can spank hard as well.  Lana, I know can take it, but she got shy.  The good news is we did get a bare bottom spanking of her which will be out soon on Sweeties, and this episode on Roommate does feature her taking care of Madison Martin’s bare bottom. Madison is one of Lana’s favorites to work with, if not her absolute favorite. We know Lana can cut loose and give a real beating and Madison has always been up for that, plus it will be fun to watch an embarrassed Lana. I am looking forward. Lana gets spanked in a couple of our early videos that are on Girl Spanks Girl and I always tease her about them.

I have a big shoot this weekend with Alanah Rae, Snow Mercy  and Alcia Panetierre who will be flying in from out of town. It will be our summer coporal video before we shoot EE5. Also news this week is that Sarah Gregory opened her own paysite.  I know Sarah has been working on this for a while and has some excellent content so congratulations to her. XXX for now, back to shoot prep (or whatever you think I’m really doing)

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13th March 2010

Current Spanking Updates!

Back to School

Lana and Desiree really are on Girl Spanks Girl now in Back to School.

Kat St.James

Kat St.James is the newbie on Spanked Call Girls 

After getting myself in a bit of trouble by miscommunicating with the Cameraman as to when Back to School premiered on GSG (yesterday) I am making up for it with fresh material on other sites that is actually running now!  As of yesterday, Sinn Sage is being interviewed and spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St.James is playing a new hooker on Spanked Call Girls, Lily Anna is trying to make me her mommy on Naughty Diaper Girls and Kay Richards can be seen beating the hell out of a man on Clare Spanks Men.  Not to be outdone, Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are on Roommate next week. This is the whole truth and I will put my ass on the line stating it.

It seems Sinn and I bring out some goofy faces in each other on Spanked Sweeties

Sinn Sage on Spanked Sweeties

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22nd January 2010

Free Spanking Clips, etc.

MY Spanking Roommate

Mirror, mirror…  My Spanking 

I hope everyone is well I have been hard at work with the sites and obsessing over things which I can’t control.  I am sure you know what I mean.  My friend Chief has some cool clips of mine on, please enjoy. Also Marc has new interviews on I think the most recent is with Amber Pixie Wells.  You can’t go wrong with her!  That’s the producer in me coming out. See- I try and be cool and turn people onto other blogs especially when I am not keeping mine up as regularly as I should. 

Something has been bugging me lately and I guess I’ll just call it the “one swat.” I have had to deal with a few one swatters lately.  One was my ex who was showing off in front of another guy and whacked me really hard on my upper back. I have a long ass (I can talk about myself in base terms) and he still missed the mark.  Another guy who did not nail the sweet spot lately was  a friend of mine I have known for years who is not into spanking but is competitive enough to do it right on occasion. Another smack to my lower back.  Swatting isn’t spanking and I feel that they are thinking they are contibuting to the lifestyle by laying a misplaced one on me.  Don’t worry -it is not as if they will read this and come after me with a paddle.  It just reminds me so much of the whole “Whose your daddy?” smack during sex.  I always want to say “Someone with better credit than you.” 

Okay I got my bitch out for the night.  Onto a more pleasant topic.  Kay and Madison, the original stars of My Spanking Roommate, have a great scene on there right now. I spank them hard in front of a mirror which is something I love to film.  Also got an email today from the lovely Alicia Panetierre. As well as being a member of the SCONY group she is wonderful on our sites .  She sent me the sweet picture below and I am looking forward to working with her again. She sure can take it hard so I can let the Cameraman have some fun with her. Sometimes with the girls we get from agencies I watch the Cameraman hammer their butts with his heavy paws and I imagine the verbal thrashing I am going to get from their agent.  Hey that is actually a good scene idea next time I want a guy to spank me on camera- the adult actress agent pays Clare a visit because her girls came back from the shoot marked up. Another fun and twisted scene for the next time we have a great male top. Forget the amatuer swats I will leave it to the pros.  

Model Alicia Panetierre

Alicia Panetierre

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17th December 2009

Christmas on My Spanking Roommate

Ashli Orion Spanked 

Ahsli Orion is spanked for being a ho ho ho on Roommate 

I don’t celebrate Christmas and I am not sure what the Cameraman’s stance is on it but one thing I do know is he loves to shoot Xmas scenes with Elves getting spanked.  This year is a very good showing with Ashli Orion, Sarah Gregory and Abigail Whittaker getting spanked currently running on Roommate as ’tis the season. 

I have made a big blunder calling the new video on Girl Spanks Girl Aunt Bella as really Snow Mercy plays Cousin Bella to the two girls, but they do call her Aunt Bella, per my direction.  We’re just going to keep the name Aunt Bella – it sounds good. I am awful at figuring out family trees probably as grew up in the US with all extended family in England. I am sure all my aunts and uncles are nice people but I would not know them if I saw them on the street. Maybe this disenfranchised aspect steers one toward producing adult content as there is a certain lack of accountability.  It also saves you lots of hassle at Christmas time!  That’s way more time I can spend being naughty.

My Spanking Roommate Xmas

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