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6th April 2014

Naughty Diaper Girls News


Recent news for me on the tech end is that Naughty Diaper Girls is now offering clips in three formats. We still have WMV of course as it seems to be the most popular flie style in the world but now we offer and MP4, the favorite of MAC users and a lower res MPEG/MP4 for use on Iphones. This is the same fornat I used on my ENF site and I was really happy to be able to bring it to Diaper Girls, which has about five years worth of content on it. Recent diaper scenes include a very “Kare Prepare Yourself” style visit form Sarah Gregory. I get so many requests to bring the Kara site back, not sure if everyone knows all that old content can be found in the archives of Spanked Callgirls. Anyway, this wasa naughty little scene for Sarah. I got her to spread her pussy and butthole and I gotta say, both are really cute. I also had a blast from the past by way of Genesis who now runs Sanctuary LAX with Mistress Cyan. I will be back there on Sunday, May 11th. Geneis rocked a diaper and got shy and naked for us for Jamie Foster Strips. I havebeen requested to get more mature models on the site and she is the first of many. Lots of Mother/daughter scenarios will be featured on that one too and if you ever have any mother/daughter scene ideas in mind for myself and that naughty girl, Paris Kennedy, let me know. We do take requests in many different genres. Also I have been looking to shoot with nubian Goddess Lana, so any custom work for her I am all ears about. The email I am most reachable at these days is

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6th October 2013

Naughty Diaper Girls Updates

Addie 04
I finally find my site Naughty Diaper Girls is finding its feet, maybe I should say crawling. After The Cameraman and I went thru the most amicable breakup in fetish production history, him now running Clare Fonda Pass and me with diapers and my own perv spots, I honored my contract not to shoot spanking for the diaper site. We lost a lot of members but now things have picked back up, due to some great models having hot AB (Adult Baby) fun and adding quite a few wetting videos. Gorgeous Addie Juniper who I worked with on EE2 about ten years ago was back recently and did a jeans wetting video and was then interviewed in a comfy diaper. Addie is working her tight ass off right now. I saw she was recently in an HBO Dracula movie and boy is she ready. After almost ten years of doing fetish as soon as she was legal she has crossed over to both mainstream and hardcore. After so many of the bizarre (and fun, but still fucking bizarre) things you have to do as a fetish model you are ready to have sex on camera without getting your mind blown. Addie still shoots spanking. I know when I shot her for diapers she had a red bottom courtesy of Chelsea Pfeiffer!
Last time I shot Addie for Diapers she brought along her adorably perverted big-eyed buddy Dakota Charms. Their friendship is the real deal, and they both know how to work the hell out of the camera. If Dakota wants a break from her plentiful fetish and hardcore shoots she should try stand-up comedy, although the money sucks.
Fiona Murphy has been another find in the adult diaper genre. Talk about a wild Irish Rose, she is very open-minded and did a wetting video for me last week. I know that Veronica and the Cameraman shot her at fet-con so she’s spankable. I was also blessed with my first Asian baby girl, Lucky Starr. Lucky is an petite cutie who does hardcore and fetish. She really got into her “Inner adult baby” and we are neighbors so looking forward to shooting her again. Although she is such a little girl I could see her being an excellent top as well for spanking videos. Trust my instincts on casting this type of scene and Lucky is lovely for it. I also featured both Lucky and Fiona on my forced stripping site so that’s an extra treat. It has been cool to develop that site and work some new talent into it and I notice the spanking models are good at conveyiing the vulnerability of an embarrassed naked female (ENF)

I embarrass Fiona, my babysitter, on
On an different note, my animals are all well and I was concerned to read that a friend of mine is close to having to shut her not-for-profit animal shelter down unless she raises funds. I can’t out the name of her shelter on here for googling and association with adult, we know how it goes but here’s the deal. This Friday, October 11th, all sales from any three of my sites,, and even (CLIPS STORE) will go directly to my friend’s shelter. I’m going to start the pot with $100 and hopefully we’ll be able to get her a nice check. Spread the word. Some things are good to spread.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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13th March 2010

Current Spanking Updates!

Back to School

Lana and Desiree really are on Girl Spanks Girl now in Back to School.

Kat St.James

Kat St.James is the newbie on Spanked Call Girls 

After getting myself in a bit of trouble by miscommunicating with the Cameraman as to when Back to School premiered on GSG (yesterday) I am making up for it with fresh material on other sites that is actually running now!  As of yesterday, Sinn Sage is being interviewed and spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St.James is playing a new hooker on Spanked Call Girls, Lily Anna is trying to make me her mommy on Naughty Diaper Girls and Kay Richards can be seen beating the hell out of a man on Clare Spanks Men.  Not to be outdone, Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are on Roommate next week. This is the whole truth and I will put my ass on the line stating it.

It seems Sinn and I bring out some goofy faces in each other on Spanked Sweeties

Sinn Sage on Spanked Sweeties

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11th January 2010

Too Much Work and Booze

Thanks for all the info below on finding cars. I really appreciate the comments. I remember when I was working at the Chateau checking out things on Carfax. One of my ex’s is giving me a 94 Honda so I can go out and find a car. I wasn’t covered for a rental on my policy. I may wanna do that next time although I’m pretty stubborn and pissed about how high insurance is in California so I tend to have a bad attitude about it. 

I have been doing two things, one working a lot and opening up lots of new ways to see our product. Besides just straight up joining our sites Shadowlane is currently carrying the video Spanked Call Girls, check out the very nice photo spread Butch Simms did for it. I have also added a host of new titles to Hot Movies. I have never heard any complaints about their system or quality, and finally- I have a diaper clips store going on on Clips4Sale. 

I say all this so you will feel I have been industrious but the truth is I have been drinking like a fish. Since I haven’t gotten another car yet my friends have been driving me around so my one cocktail when I go out has turned into three.  I had better get a car soon before I am drinking back like I did in high school!

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29th September 2009

EE4 Interviews on Spanked Sweeties

Ariel X on EE4 

Ariel X interview up on Sweeties Thursday 

 No matter how good I think the spanking content is on Sweeties I always get requests for more interviews so here you are.  The girls of EE4, well at least the ones who were there early submitted to some interviews from the second cameraman and he took nice headshots.  I don’t know what they talked about as everytime I tried to interject the second cameraman had his own agenda so I sodded off and got ready myself.  I will say his photos are wonderful and from what I have seen of the interviews they look cool. I’ll watch them on Thursday when they go up for Spanked Sweeties members. I am very impressed with Ariel X as she is doing double duty on our sites right now in EE4 and on Diaper Girls.  This other Spanked Sweetie, Elise Graves, who I am over the moon about is great in diapers as well . I know diapers isn’t everyone’s thing but I thought that she was really pretty in this shot.  I like how shooting on Hi Def makes even video grabs come out nicely. 

I am back writing for so check out my latest post there and I am officially adding Spank Place to my bloglist today but wanted to give it one more shout out as the latest interview is on Keagen and very interesting. 

Not only does Elise do diapers she takes a great paddling

Elise Graves on Naughty Diaper Girls

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13th July 2009

Naughty Diaper Girls Now Takes VISA

Clare Spanks Men 

Audrey Knight tops Tom Byron on Clare Spanks Men 

It’s not everyone’s fetish, but for those who love sexy chicks in diapers and also love using your VISA, do I have a site for you.

Also proud to mention that Audrey Knight comes to Clare Spanks Men topping none other than Tom Byron.  The opening scene is called “Beating Bro” and I commission Audrey to beat the ass of my brother who is always casuing family drama.  This was a very satisfying scene for Audrey and she seemed to genuinely enjoy herself. Tom was very impressed and took it hard to show his respect for this new top femme dom. 

I checked my PO Box the other day and I got some really nice gifts.  Thanks for the Alaskan souvenirs – you know who you are!!  I got a nice purple nightshirt that comes in handy when I chase the bunnies down my street at 3AM. It’s the only way I can make the pit bull I am fostering stop barking.  These tamed mutant rabbits of Reseda just come right up to your front gate and the pit bull is just doing her job, so I gotta do mine out in my purple nightshirt – the crazy lady rabbit chaser.  I’m trying to keep my kooky image up so no one thinks I am cool enough to be shooting fetish videos in my living room. So far so good.

Rescue dog Tom Fonda

Clare Fonda Rescue

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