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Welcome Snow Mercy to Spanked Callgirls

22nd June 2012

Welcome Snow Mercy to Spanked Callgirls

Poor Kay Richards on the couch

I wanted to welcome Snow to Spanked Callgirls. She is going to do a terrifc job on there. She and Lana can more than run the show on that site. Many of you will remember Lana’s amazing scene with Sophia Locke which we filmed last year at Shadowlane. When I see scenes like that going down I am more than happy to step aside. Above I gave Snow Mercy some final whacks and she has always been such a great sport about taking spankings with hand and implements from us. It’s a lot to ask from a pro domme, but it helps that she likes it!


A good way for me to say hi is with some butt pictures! These are some frame grabs from a fantasy scene I was shooting a little while ago. As you guys saw over the years, I love the clingy satiny panties that make you look slimmmer under your skirts. I am not so much a fan of spanx and certainly not girdles as they seem like they would be bad for you, but for a short shoot go with this clingy look sometimes. You can’t go wrong with retro although I do occasionally get teased about my “granny panties.”  Hey- they are more like GILF panties. I love wearing all kinds of underwear, I even think boys’ underwear are super cool and sexy. I always want to take pictures of the guys I am with (with them in thier underwear) but not every guy is comfortable with that, especially on the first date. Anyway, bye for now. All my little hookers are in good hands with Lana and Snow.


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4th October 2011

Veronica Ricci on Spanked Callgirls

Veronica Ricci has worked out to me a great friend and model for us and she is terrific fun to have on Spanked Callgirls. Her character Audrey is delightfully slutty and always in trouble. Veronica has the longest legs in the biz since Amelia Jane Rutherford and she kicks them around, especially when she is fully nude.  She’s very generous making sure her fans get a great view of all she has to offer and she has lots to offer as a friend, a fellow animal rescuer and glamor turned fetish model.

Kade is also quite the spankee on our fem dom site Clare Spanks Men. We have been waiting a while to shoot a scene of this level for the boys, the boys that need a spanking- that is.  As we know Kade can take a damn good one. I have had many requests for a big classroom scenario in which a schoolboy is the spankee and the Kade was the natural choice to receive hard corporal on the day of the EE6 shoot. He walked onto the set at 4 and we had the scene shot by 5. It was quite involved so thank God I had the female talent of Bliss Evermore, Julie Night, Mary Jane and Nena. These girls had a field day taunting Kade, some rubbing their tits in his face and writing variations of the word pervert on the board. Lana was the one who really had her way with Kade giving him intense whacks with the paddle.  Like I Said, our boy has taken it really hard but this was brutal and his bottom was very beat up when he left  the shoot. Kade is very professional and gave me a kiss on the cheek as he left but I do hope his bottom healed up enough for the other shoots he had that week. He’s probably the busiest male fetish model in town.

I had a wonderful time over the weekend going to a Cat Sanctaury about 4 hours north of LA. I was taking a cat who has feline AIDS to the sanctuary where he can live out his life with love and care, a bunch of feline buddies and lots of trees to climb.  If you like cats by all means check out this video of the Cathouse on the Kings. If you can’t stand cats- stay the hell away from this link, LOL! 

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16th September 2011

New Spanking Scenes on 

We put a lot of new content up on the sites this week, as a result of four days of filming with some of the best players in the scene while we attended the Shadowlane Spanking Convention. Katherine “Kat” St. James told her spanking story for Spanked Sweeties. I had worked with Kat several times before but assumed she was NOT spanked growing up as she seems to really enjoy real-life discipline and playing at parties.  In my observations, most spanking enthusiasts were not spanked growing up, but she is very special and has stories that are both amusing and very intense.  Kat had to keep her bottom unmarked as she was shooting with us and then Shadowlane over the party weekend. I know this gave her blueballs as she wanted to play but it’s one of the prices to pay for being an in- demand model.  While we interviewed Kat about how her dad used the belt on her- we did not shoot that for fear of marking her up for her Shadowlane shoot, but on another date we will shoot her and have The Cameraman act out the part of the dad and this time Kat may well get some marks.   That’s Veronica Ricci in the background of the second photo playing Kat’s sister in a scene. Check out Kat St. James’ spanking stories and scenes on

We really enjoyed the first shoot we did which was with Lana and Sophia Locke. Sophia is turning out to be a terrific little subby for us. She is lifestyle and Lana loves playing with lifestyle girls. Sophia is quite shy when she has to do a solo scene such as an intro or interview but when she gets with another model there is no telling where  the scene will go as it is very real for her. I loved where this scene for Spanked Callgirls went- Lana loved Sophia’s round bottom and gave her a thorough workover including stashing a panty gag in her mouth and breaking a cane on her bottom. I think both women got a big rush from doing this scene and I could tell from the way Sophia was sticking her bottom out she relaly liked it. Lana just could not help but punish that guilty bottom! Having known Lana for many years – she was the first girl I met at The Chateau when I came aboard as a submissive- I would not call her lifestyle but she sure does love a genuine power exchange such as what went down in this scene. Check out Lana and Sophia’s chemistry on and with so many great models currently starring on our sites it is a great time for .

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3rd March 2011

Fashion Fuck Ups and More Spanked Callgirls

Nikki Rouge and new model Nena are back on Spanked Callgirls.  I got a note from a lovely fan that said “Please keep Nena’s hair out of her eyes.”  As you can see, in this second scene - I tried. I think it went better than the first scene as far as seeing her face and Nena and Nikki were really warmed up and gave great face and ass. Yeah, I updated early yesterday. I was tinkering with the technology on the website and we got a premature update. It happens…  As does wearing the same dress.  It doesn’t happen often, but if you want to pick one me you’ll see that the last two episdoes on Callgirls have me clad in this ballet teacher brown patterned number.  We’ll call it “Poop Swan” and I’m embarrassed to have been caught on the worst dressed list- twice.

I got a new still camera in the mail. It was time to spend the rewards points on one of my credit cards. I was starting to get this use em or lose ‘em feeling.  The camera is pretty cool, a Casio. Since The Cameraman was here it was only fair I handed the box straight to him. He was working out with it and he took this shot of me in my “Granny Panties” as he calls them.  I thought someone might dig it. These are the panties Kyle Johnson spanked me in and he ripped them off me really fast so maybe the whole Granny thing ain’t working. Come on, someone out there give it up for GILF knickers!

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9th February 2011

Nikki and Nena on Spanked Callgirls

Nena is our brand newbie on Spanked Callgirls 

Nena was a girl I actually talked to on the phone before I shot her. She had been recommended by Alice Wonder and I had no reason to doubt Alice would know who would be good for our shoots. I had seen pictures of her and talked to her about the kind of scenes we do, and who else she had worked with, and she may have mentioned to me that she had never been spanked- and I should have grabbed her up for Spanked Sweeties- as we have not had a “Never Been Spanked Girl” on there for a while now. They are a bit hard to find. I think that day, though, I was at the car wash, and more distracted than usual. 

Nikki Rouge – always fun to whack away at!

What I did get was a few excellent scenes for Spanked Callgirls. I had booked Nikki Rouge with Nena, incase Nena turned out to be someone who could not take a spanking at all.  Not only is Nikki so gorgeous, you can just thrash the hell out of her and she can carry a scene if needed. I love how fit Nikki’s body is – her long legs -and I am a major fan of strawberry blond hair, so once I found out that Nena was quite special as well- I knew we were onto a great scene. Brunette Nena is very pretty- as you can see, looks completely innocent (and I guess was - as she showed up to a spanking shoot without any undies on or in her possession) has a great newbie bottom that got red raw, but her reactions are what make her so priceless. Nena has her hand in her mouth sometimes, other times seems to be talking to God or telling me I how sorry and what a naughty little whore she is. When she called me “Ma’am,” is sounded more real than it usually does. I did not even have to ask, but I did not let up on her spanking, and at the end of the shoot she said, “My butt hurts.” I completely believed her.  Nena and Nikki Rouge give us a great scene on Spanked Call Girls.

I got carried away on Nena’s bottom.

My F/f spanking with toys inserted into Zille DeFeau is now available from Shadowlane . I do hope people enjoy watching it as much I did making it.

 Shadowlane makes me look beautiful and you can’t go wrong with Zille.

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25th November 2010

Thoughts of M/m Spanking

Happy Thanksgiving! I figured everyone would like this holidayish shot of Mary Jane that goes up on Spanked Callgirls tomorrow. I have no idea what that Xmas tree was about in the shoot, but who cares- it’s a hot picture of Mary Jane and somewhat festive.  Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, great members and models. Mary Jane sure likes to show off that ass which is a good thing for all involved.

I was talking to my ex boyfriend last night and he was saying his roommate, a male, is really starting to piss off him off between being late on the rent and eating all his food, plus he has been forced into a fatherly position and always having to give his roommate a hard time about doing drugs. This is actually going to be very good for my ex boyfriend who never paid me rent and forced me to be his mother for a very long time. I would probably say there was one guy on the planet with a bigger mommy thing - Norman Bates. Anyway, I was telling my ex he should just spank his roommate and how I would like to film some M/m spanking with a straight guy who is disciplining his roommate as it is a better way to go about things than beating him up. I think gay men would like to watch it, and maybe female spanking enthusiasts as well. Maybe even some heterosexual male spanking enthusiasts would find it interesting. Now, would The Cameraman want to film it…probably not! Anyway, sorry for anyone who did not like to be lured into a man on man world by a picture of Mary Jane and have a great holiday.

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5th October 2010

Sophie Nova and Hollie Stevens Girl/Girl Spanking

Sophie and Hollie were previously seen on Spanked Call Girls as two naughty little hookers getting punished by me for drinking on the job. This is the following scene when they go home and try to sit on their sore bottoms and start to blame each other for what happened. I was not actually at this shoot until later so it should be fun for me to watch as well. I will put the scene up as this Friday’s Callgirls’ update. As you can probably figure out I do prefer to shoot Spanked Call Girls in hotels, but there is always that element of risk. I think if the phone ever rang while we were shooting I would answer it in sheer terror that indeed it was a report of “strange sounds” coming from our room. This is one thing that I really like about shooting diapers. Diapers are quiet! It is also something I like about shooting at my house out in the boonies, or my friend Lorelei’s studio as we did for this content with Hollie Stevens and Sophie Nova. We will be shooting again with Lindsay Meyers, who is much adored in EE5, and a yet undecided costar. Suggestions are most welcome. We will be in a hotel room. Pray for us.

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13th April 2010

Snow and Ashli Come to Spanked Callgirls

Spanked Callgirls

Spanked Callgirls is usually shot in hotel rooms but we took a domestic turn by having Snow Mercy play the aunt to college student/callgirl Ashli Orion, who gets outed.  Her family sends her to her aunt to shape her up. They were so humilated by the fact she was attending college. Just kidding, but obviously there are only so many original scripts and what counts here is the spanking and scolding. As you know by now, these two actresses can deliver so I am happy to premiere this episode on Friday.

I appreciate a lot of people writing about Jett and Jamie, the two small dogs that I am fostering for an animal rescue group. The good news for Jett, the black Dachsund mix, is that he goes to his forever home this Friday.  The terrier girl, Jamie, is still looking for that perfect match.  I started an animal channel so that I can pimp out the dogs I have available for adoption (thru rescue groups) and anyone who wants to feature an adoptable pet, send me a video. If you know anyone who is looking for a pet to adopt in LA send them the link as well.  I’m a dog person but the picture below shows my crazy cat lady side.  


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13th March 2010

Current Spanking Updates!

Back to School

Lana and Desiree really are on Girl Spanks Girl now in Back to School.

Kat St.James

Kat St.James is the newbie on Spanked Call Girls 

After getting myself in a bit of trouble by miscommunicating with the Cameraman as to when Back to School premiered on GSG (yesterday) I am making up for it with fresh material on other sites that is actually running now!  As of yesterday, Sinn Sage is being interviewed and spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St.James is playing a new hooker on Spanked Call Girls, Lily Anna is trying to make me her mommy on Naughty Diaper Girls and Kay Richards can be seen beating the hell out of a man on Clare Spanks Men.  Not to be outdone, Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are on Roommate next week. This is the whole truth and I will put my ass on the line stating it.

It seems Sinn and I bring out some goofy faces in each other on Spanked Sweeties

Sinn Sage on Spanked Sweeties

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19th August 2009

EE4 Arrives August 23rd


Lilly Anna looks fittingly frightened 

The Cameraman is hard at work on the editing of EE4 and it will be available this Sunday, August 23 on . It features a cast of ten and they all turned in excellent performances. Ashli Orion emerged as the biggest little brat in the shoot and Snow Mercy earned points for versatility when she took a good spanking and paddling from Lana at the end of the video.  With all the girls watching it was clear that Miss Snow was quite the exhibitionist who impressed the girls showing she could take what she gave.  I am very proud of the excellent ensemble work in EE4. After the shoot Ashli apologized for her in character mouthing off.  She explained that she just got “really into it.”  The way I see it if a girl mouths off on set she knows what she is going to get, and Ashli is a real sweetie so nothing that came out of her mouth was too hardcore.

One young lady who did not make the shoot , much to our disappointment, was Alanah Rae, but not too worry we have just finished editing a scene from her first shoot with us which premieres on Spanked Call Girls this Friday.  We hope to work with Alanah again soon but until we do – her first shoot was stunning with a long erotic callgirls scene. I feel that the first shoot with a hot new talent is a special occasion and Alanah is such a good girl, sitting up straight and dutifully getting over my knee, clearly raised by a very strict mom!

 Alanah is on Spanked Call Girls this Friday

Alanah Rae spanking

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