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Chloe Elise Back on My Spanking Roommate

26th March 2010

Chloe Elise Back on My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate 

 When Chloe Spanked Snow, on My Spanking Roommate

 Chloe Elise - My Spanking Roommate

Give us a comment on the paddle, Dave 

Our newest Star on My Spanking Roommate is back. Chloe Elise does as scene in which she punished Snow Mercy with hand, hairbrush and paddle. This paddle was sent by Dave from Cherry Red and maybe he would be so good as to leave a comment below and tell people how they can order one. It was a nice gift to get in the mail.   Feel free to send me costumes and implements (or whatever) at:

Clare Fonda

4821 Lankershim Blvd; Ste F289

North Hollywood, CA 91601

 If you’re going to send clothes for the girls please be sure and send me something, too! I’m only human…

Although I am sure many find the whole Sandra Bullock/Jesse James thing disturbing, I have to appreciate a man who loves tattoos.  There are so many times I have to turn down a model who has too many tatts for spanking videos – and the sad thing is she really wants a hard spanking.  I can totally understand how a girl with a bunch of ink is not believable on a schoolgirl and cannot pull off the girl-next-door fantasy that is so important in many of my videos, but I’m just letting Jesse know if he’s like anything custom produced- I have the talent good to go.

Oh yeah, Madison Martin is also passed around by the girls of EE4 who make a cameo on Roommate.

My Spanking Roommate

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13th March 2010

Current Spanking Updates!

Back to School

Lana and Desiree really are on Girl Spanks Girl now in Back to School.

Kat St.James

Kat St.James is the newbie on Spanked Call Girls 

After getting myself in a bit of trouble by miscommunicating with the Cameraman as to when Back to School premiered on GSG (yesterday) I am making up for it with fresh material on other sites that is actually running now!  As of yesterday, Sinn Sage is being interviewed and spanked on Sweeties, Katherine St.James is playing a new hooker on Spanked Call Girls, Lily Anna is trying to make me her mommy on Naughty Diaper Girls and Kay Richards can be seen beating the hell out of a man on Clare Spanks Men.  Not to be outdone, Miss Chris and Jenni Mack are on Roommate next week. This is the whole truth and I will put my ass on the line stating it.

It seems Sinn and I bring out some goofy faces in each other on Spanked Sweeties

Sinn Sage on Spanked Sweeties

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13th November 2009

EE4 the End is Near

Snow Mercy EE4 

EE4 is finally drawing to a close on Girl Spanks Girl with Snow Mercy getting her comeuppance as the icing on the cake and some funny outtakes as the sprinkles.  The folks who already bought the video from Shadowlane know what a delight it is to see Miss Snow get her exclusive education.  I must say she is one of the most versatile ladies in spanking modeling.

I have been a bit overwhelmed with animal rescue lately.  When I started helping homeless dogs about 8 years ago it was one of the things that led me to work in a fetish dungeon as vet bills are expensive.  Next I was producing so I always felt like being my own boss and animal resue were connected.  I rented a house with a big yard for two reasons- to shoot videos privately and to help dogs. Working with shelters and rescue groups this year has shown me how many animals needs homes in a time of economic crisis.  If you are thinking of taking an animal home for the holidays I send you the best wishes I have. I don’t really do hugs, I’m British – but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Try and remember when it seems like I am hustling my product to much, it’s for the dogs! (and the occasional pussy)

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2nd November 2009

Countdown to Chloe Continues

Chloe Elise on My Spanking Roommate 

We were supposed to release our new footage of Chloe Elise on My Spanking Roommate today but The Cameraman had a nasty computer crash late last week losing about 20 hours of work so we are pushed back til Wednesday.  The first scene is pictured above. Chloe is moving in with Snow Mercy and decides to arrive early. She didn’t know that Snow’s friend Madison is in there making some pudding.  Madison finds it shady that Chloe has just sneaked in and gets her OTK with the pudding spoon.  Everyone seems to be very responsive to the overalls that Chloe is wearing.  I had some myself when I was about her age and then when I started pushing 30 I decided to stop wearing anything baggy. It just doesn’t work for my exhibitionist nature.  My male roommate offered to take them off my hands.  I should have known then that he was gay.  Now he shares a home with the man of his dreams and is in far more of a functional relationship than most of my straight friends.  He’d be about 47 now so I sure hope he got rid of those overalls….ouch.

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20th March 2009

Shadowlane Sunday

Spanked Call Girls 

Its Hard out here on a pimp! 

 Sunday was out last full day at the spanking convention and of course we were bloody shooting.  I don’t know how I managed to wake up without a hangover Sunday morning I can only think vanity won over and I didn’t want to look too rough on camera.  Jadie Reece of Northern Spanking had bought me a drink Saturday night and I remember thinking “I really shouldn’t have this” but you don’t turn down a drink from Jadie Reece. 

The first shoot Sunday was with Heidi Mayne who I can best describe as Amber Pixie Wells gone bad.  We shot her for Sweeties and Call Girls and she had a great ass that took it well.  Next came Leia-Ann Woods and Danny Chrighton.  Although it was Leia’s last day after shooting for Shadowlane and partying all weekend she was up for two great scenes with Danny, who it was great to see again let alone work with. The first scene was directed by The Camerman for My Spanking Roommate.   Danny has done wonderful work on there with Madison Martin and Leia-Ann played his new girl who was giving him a lot of lip (Leia-Ann was great at this!)  He tamed her with a hard spanking and this will be a great scene for Roomies, as The Cameraman calls it.  (I don’t like the word “roomie” sounds like some bitch who borrows your clothes) Then I directed a scene for Call Girls which was totally up my alley.  When we first started Call Girls I did a scene with Beverly Bacci where she was punished for her lack of loyalty to me and working with a pimp called Dino.  When Danny called and told me he was going to Shadowlane I thought – that’s Dino!  Leia-Ann tries to appease her pimp by offering him her body but he has so many girls to choose from and feels it necessary to teach her a lesson.  Leia-Ann was very submissive in this scene and got thru her punishment from Danny who explained “You know I love you in my own pimp way.”  It was hard not to laugh but apart from that, I found the scene very senusal, nothing personal- just business.  Danny is a great spanker and Leia-Ann, well spankos have been in love with her for a while and all I can say is “I get it!”  She’s also really fucking funny. 

After we wrapped with these pros I was so exhausted Josh Brolin could have walked into the room and said “Clare, you’ve been really naughty” and I would have given him the finger.  Please don’t think I’m making some anal probe joke there. I was just worn out.  We had a nice meal with Tony, Eve and Butch that night and it was home Monday with all the great content. I will let you know what is coming when but thought you would enjoy the pictures.  I had a great time at the party and everyone was cool, all the men respectful.  My one regret is we did not get chance to shoot Northern’s Lucy or Jadie but that will happen sometime soon, I am sure.   Editing wise right now we are concentrating on getting Snow Mercy up on Sweeties this week and then tackling Mothers and Daughters 09 for Girl Spanks Girl.

Have a great weekend!

Heidi Mayne our only non Shadowlane guest to shoot that weekend!

Spanked Sweeties

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11th March 2009

Shadowlane Friday

Miss Chris does Clare 

 Miss Chris knows grown up girls need spankings!

I think I will discuss the 2009 Shadowlane St. Paddle’s day party with candid photos as it is really not fair to put up pics from content that will not be on my sites for a month or so.  On Friday we worked with Miss Chris and Jenni Mack.  They have an interesting relationship which they discussed on camera for Spanked Sweeties and then played out a mother/daughter scene with a 50′s look to it.  There was a lot of 50′s style at the party as Eve Howard had on a pink dress that was very Revolutionary Road and Jenni wore a poddle skirt on Saturday. My Max Azria and Mark Jacobs’ dresses had that vibe to them as well, and just to be real- the Jacobs was second hand under 30 bucks.  That’s right- I’m a practical party girl.

 For the bottom half of the shoot Friday, for Spanked Call Girls,  we did get tarted up.  Sarah Gregory is always going to look like the girl next door but she tries hard to ho it with her collection of slutty togs she picks up on her trips to LA at shops like The Fashion Q and she will get the wild hair and smokey eyes going.  She ends up passing for  a better looking version of the girl who caused Elliot Spitzer a little trouble.  Jenni Mack really knocked it out of the park though with some two piece leather get up she had an Evan Rachel Wood thing going on but there is no way Marilyn Manson could have layed the smack down like Miss Chris.  Chris was such a pro to work with- whatever you tell her you want count on her delivering three times as much.  All that and you still know she cares about you.  Any spanking model is in good hands with Miss Chris, and thank you Sarah for the fun pictures. 

My Friday would not have been complete without; however, without Shadowlane member Richard.  This sweetie was my first shoot having just gotten off the plane he taxied to my timeshare and was over my lap for two smart little scenes where he took a good paddling.  It felt great to be getting some fem dom content for the Men site with a real spanko.  We set up a scenario where Richard was being insulting about women of my age’s weight and another one where he played an nosey boyfriend trying to sit in on his spanking model girlfriend’s shoot.  Poor Richard- I made him play a couple of a-holes and his butt took the brunt. 

Sarah is on the receiving end of a small Mack attack

Jenni on Sarah

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23rd February 2009

Chloe Elise On Spanked Call Girls

Spanked Chloe Elise 

I came here for a spanking, not to make you Martinis, Momma Clare. 

Mormon looking hottie spanko and model Chloe Elise has arrived today on Spanked Call Girls.  She is quite bratty and the only way to handle her was to spank her beauty of a bum for a long, long time. I did what I had to do!  I asked her to bring some slut wear and she came up with a little black dress and blue eyeshadow, but by the next scene she was back to looking like she got spanked by The Preppy Handbook.   There are some girls you just can’t tart up but I am sure that is something I can spank her for next time!  She’s a stunning lady.  In the pictures I fantasize that we are mom and daughter from TV’s Gossip Girl.   

There are a bevvy of spanking models going to Shadowlane.  It may be more than any year ever.  I think I am going to have to do a master cleanse to hold my end up around these young bitches and I mean that with love. Then again- maybe it is a good idea to save that cleanse for after the party considering the amount of carousing that will be going on. I hear lots of English models will be there who can probably drink us Yanks under the table.  I am glad The Cameraman will be driving us to and from the timeshare. He doesn’t drink he says it makes him too honest.  

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15th November 2008

A Kailee Spanking

Kailee Spanks Men 

Kailee and Danny Wylde on Clare Spanks Men next week 

Sorry I missed the Love our Lurkers day. I was not trying to be a rebel. I just forgot.  This would have been a good blog to do it on as people are pretty quiet on comments. Hint Hint.  Oh - that does not include the person who keeps leaving me their address asking me to come spank them.  If this even is your address – or that of an ex girlfriend you want to expose- I have no desire to descend upon your ass so please stop leaving this address all over the blog!  That being said I do appreciate all comments and visitors to the blog and even the smack talkers I allow- just don’t expect me not to bite back and I will have it together for the LOL day next year.

Kailee was on town and I mainly had her top a dude.  She was very excited about this and issued some excellent verbal corrections to Danny Wylde as well as having a hard hand that he was not going to be able to take too much more of.  As much as I do like the realistic mom spankings we do on Clare Spanks Men ,it is also a very hot scene to have two young people engage in a F/m spanking, so humiliating to have a young man spanked by a female roommate or classmate.  Whether he was spanked growing up or not he is not ready to be taken over the knee of a girl he should be flirting with on campus.  Kailee actually spanked Danny for flirting with girls to get his homework done and she did this on behalf on all the girls at school.  Maybe that is why his ass got so red. 

In other news I’d like to congratulate Amber Pixie Wells for the quickest thank you card for a wedding present ever!  It came in the mail two weeks ago.  You are welcome, Bridey.

 I am still having plenty of fun on the F/m site!

Bully Spanked!

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21st October 2008

Spanked Calls Girls VISA Approved

Madam Clare on Spanked Call Girls

No, VISA, those are not real hookers on the site!

Spanked Call Girls just got approved to take VISA .  We have also worked with CCBill to make sure billing does not say Clare Fonda on it in any way – it simply has our company name which shouldn’t get anyone in trouble -this goes for all our sites.  Call Girls is now part of Clare Fonda Pass and is the site you get on the three site special (Sweeties, Girl Spanks Girl and Call Girls) 

My boyfriend plays baseball for a sportswear company and he tunred me onto the video of a ball player saying he loved to get his ass hammered by a bunch of guys.  He is, of course, talking about the support pro athletes (and I think especially baseball players) give each other with a smack on the ass.  He used to be comfortable with this current craze but afer looking over my shoulder as I work on the sites, he sees spanking in a different way.  He says when guys run up to him now he turns around and guards his ass.  The curse of being Clare Fonda’s dude, spanking has lost its innocence.  

“If I catch you using our credit card for spanking porn again you’re gonna get…HEY WAIT!”

Rosario Stone on Clare Spanks Men

Rosario and Mario Stone on Clare Spanks Men

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27th August 2008

Shadowlane Spanking Specials

Clare Fonda Waits

 Where are my pretty little models? Did they get scared?

We had a great shoot the other day with four models.  Kylee Reese (EE3), her friend Claire Dames, Rosario Stone (EE2) and her husband, Mario Stone.  Mr. and Mrs. Stone did some wonderful scenes for the upcoming Spanked Call Girls as well as my femme domme site with wifey doing the topping.  Claire was a pleasant surprise she had a little bit of a Maggie Gylenhaal vibe and I promise a Spanked Call Girls Post before I depart for Shadowlane on Friday.  Here’s what we will be bringing to sell at SL by way of DVD’s:

EE3 (83 minutes) - This will be sold by Shadowlane later on this year but if you don’t want to wait we have it now.  Of course we will have EE1 and EE2, selling all three for $50 (I think Brad mentioned he wanted this package) Infact ANY three DVD’s are $50, but  I’m always curious to find out which year of Exclusive Education you like best.

CALL ME FIRST (79 minutes)- Our long domestic drama with Lena Ramon at the helm topping Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory.  I co spank as “Mom”

Amber Pixie Wells and Kendra Meet Aunt Gwen (48 minutes)  This features a well spanked Pixie, and new spanking model Kendra getting a rectal temp taking. (Not Pixie, sorry!) but some great dynamics in this one as I punish them both.

Spanked Sweeties presents Ashley Edmonds – (46 minutes)This was our first shoot with Ashley who you can currently see in EE3. She tells us vividly how she was spanked my mom and takes several long hand spankings.  She’s a great new spanking starlet who only works for me, so lucky me.

Spanked Sweeties Presents Naomi Cruise with Julie Simone (50 minutes)  Our hottest new bad girl Naomi describes how mom spanked her throughout high school and she and domme Julie play it out. Also has Naomi and I in a bonus buttplug scene. 

Spanked Sweeties Presents Paige Adams (52 minutes)- This blond surfer babe, spanked by mom, was a big hit on Sweeties – a real sasser! We also have a diaper and a rectal temp taking scene as a bonus. 

Erotic Spanking with Kay Richards and Alyssa Dior (33 minutes) The tall and the short of it 6 footer Ayssa has the little Kay OTK and visa versa with some nice G/G lovin’ in the mix.  The plot invloves alcoholics anonymous and special kind of “sponsor” but who cares, LOL.

Girls in Pretty Dresses (38 minutes)  Sarah Gregory, Chloe Elise, Nikki 666 and I switch off dolled up and dressed to the nines.  A good mix of some retro and new footage.

My Spanking Roomate presents Madison Martin, Kay Richards, Harmony, Amy Aveline and Victoria Vonn (30 minutes)- Office and medical sets with some of our hottest new talent from the Roomies site.

My Spanking Roommate presents Madison Martin and Danny Chrighton (27 minutes)  This is a HARD spanking and paddling that Madison took from Shadowlane star Danny plus a bonus called “Madison Needs the Money”  Real tears are cried here. 

I’ll have plenty of older titles as well.  Okay, back to work.

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