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6th April 2014

Naughty Diaper Girls News


Recent news for me on the tech end is that Naughty Diaper Girls is now offering clips in three formats. We still have WMV of course as it seems to be the most popular flie style in the world but now we offer and MP4, the favorite of MAC users and a lower res MPEG/MP4 for use on Iphones. This is the same fornat I used on my ENF site and I was really happy to be able to bring it to Diaper Girls, which has about five years worth of content on it. Recent diaper scenes include a very “Kare Prepare Yourself” style visit form Sarah Gregory. I get so many requests to bring the Kara site back, not sure if everyone knows all that old content can be found in the archives of Spanked Callgirls. Anyway, this wasa naughty little scene for Sarah. I got her to spread her pussy and butthole and I gotta say, both are really cute. I also had a blast from the past by way of Genesis who now runs Sanctuary LAX with Mistress Cyan. I will be back there on Sunday, May 11th. Geneis rocked a diaper and got shy and naked for us for Jamie Foster Strips. I havebeen requested to get more mature models on the site and she is the first of many. Lots of Mother/daughter scenarios will be featured on that one too and if you ever have any mother/daughter scene ideas in mind for myself and that naughty girl, Paris Kennedy, let me know. We do take requests in many different genres. Also I have been looking to shoot with nubian Goddess Lana, so any custom work for her I am all ears about. The email I am most reachable at these days is

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25th March 2014

Gigi Allens Spanking Switch

Thank you, Eve Howard, for this dress which has a little Joan Crawford vibe.

I have been singing the praises of a young lady I worked with a few weeks ago, Gigi Allens, to where if I go on about her anymore I will be a stalker. She was an excellent switch on set and very fun to interview for Spanked Sweeties. I was back to interviewing girls on their spanked pasts and worried that my big comeback would be a “pulling teeth” interview where the girl is basically “yeah, no, uh-huh” but I did not have to worry about that with Gigi who made me feel like Barbara Walters with a very candid interview that helped me prep for my scenes with her. Spanking a model who can take it and wants to make a great video is fun but it what also made this shoot great for me was all the images Gigi provided me with so I could play her mom and grandma. Mom was strict and grandma was stricter, using a spoon on Gigi’s bare bum. I also found out that the name Gigi Allens came from a punk rock singer, GG Allin, who flung turds at people during his gigs. A few nights after my shoot I was checking out a Gary Busey movie in Hollywood and some of the guys in line were talking about this singer slinging shit. Little did they know I had a far more pleasant experience with Aussie adult sensation Gigi Allens. I wanted to tell them but I was with my ex boyfriend and it used to really piss him off when I was social. If you go see a Gary Busey movie with your psycho ex does it cancel the crazy… (Sorry my question mark key is broken) Anyway, you can also check Gigi out on Spanked Callgirls, which is another site I’ll be back doing a lot on and my next shoots are with Ashley Rose and Kade, yes Kade- for Clare Spanks Men.

It’s my turn. The madam makes her comeback but Gigi does not know who I am! Fancy that! This scene has legs.



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19th February 2014

Clare Fonda @Sanctuary LAX

The bra strap isn’t the only thing twisted in this picture.

Clare Fonda/Jamie Foster/I will be at Sanctuary LAX on Sunday, March 16th. I will actually start working at 1pm because I’ll be shooting Genesis for an hour for my site Jamie Foster Strips. It is interesting what has happened on that site as it started out as a solo huMILFiation site with yours truly and then I added some hot young chicks. I actually got some mail about hey we want more MILFS cause we already have young models naked all over the web. While I still will feature some young ladies taking off their clothes mature models will be the main focus of the site. There are plenty of sites with young models being forced to strip. This is some sub niche amateur fetish shit, people! I do plan to keep involving young models on this forced stripping site though, particularly in some twisted Mother/daughter scenes, not quite taboo but pushing it. Willow Mae, who has recently been making the rounds on the spanking sites, will be great for that. She rocks shame!
Spanking model Willow Mae pouts as she bares bottom.

My last day of work at Sanctaury a couple of weeks ago was great with really nice clients. Before you know it you have been there all day and made a wad of cash and you get paid on that day. I’m very lucky in that I see clients from my days at the Chateau or it’s guys who have seen my videos. It’s not scary or stressful for me, but I do remember back in the Chateau days there would be some bizarre sessions. Sometimes I’d get badly marked and there would be all kindsof limit pushing as that is a lot of guys’ buzz. Some guys no one would see. I guess I have it easy now with my established clientele. If you are a young submissive looking to work professionally, I defintely recommend a house such as Sanctuary or Dominion. If you are going to model check references. That Chateau was wild but I am glad I found it. Sir James had my back. Sometimes he flogged it.

Have a great week!

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22nd January 2014

Spanking Models and More


I have been so lucky to have worked with some cool models recently, and they are no strangers to spanking video fans, either. I’ll start wth the platonic love of my life: Paris Kennedy! Paris worked on my forced stripping site recently and took it all off as we were devious maids who got caught by the bratty young master of the house. I know it has been a couple of years since Paris got spanked, I believe in EE7, but I think she took a righteous thrashing in that one and she is still one of the most popular models on all the sites on Clare Fonda Pass. I know all best friendships are special and have their stories but Paris and I have the kind of stroies that scare people! Working in the Chateau, taking the most outlandish sessions cause she was so young and I was just an idiot and now we are still exploring fetishes in our scenes.

Alex Reynolds is up next as she stopped in the other day to be a Naughty Diaper Girl and was she ever. Alex really understands the head space and gave sexy scene after scene. It was also very cute that she walked into my shoot dressed like she was in middle school. I had to get a clip of that as well. As those of you who have played with Alex at parties know she is a real-life spanking afficionado.

Finally I got to meet Joelle Barros. I had heard good things about her from Shadowlane amongst others. She was as polite and charming as I expected with a lovely look all her own. I liked her original spin on being a naughty diaper girl and got some nice ENF content out of her as well. Now there’s a butt that needs a spanking. Thank you to all these lovely girls for warming up my websites!

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10th December 2013

Haunted Speedo

forced stripping and ENF

I just posted a clip shot by Tony Elka when I went and visited the Shadowlane gang in Vegas. It features me in what Eve Howard likes to call my Haunted Speedo. I bought this Speedo about two years ago because I thought it would look hot on my clips site. I made a video called Speedo Stepmom and it was very popular. I have lots of stepmom masturbation encouragement type videos but this one did really well. Of course I shot two sequel clips and people were clearly into the Speedo. That’s good cause I dropped my gym membership right around that time in favor of boot camp and jogging and have nowhere to swim. The dry Speedo defintely paid for itself though and I get to live out my fantasy of wearing a Speedo, as I was never a good enough swimmer to make the team in school. When someone throws you a life preserver at the try-outs, you know you didn’t make it.

forced stripping and ENF

When I visited Eve and Tony earlier this year I took the Speedo to shoot some clips with. We didn’t get chance and I left it there by accident. One day Eve wrote me and asked if it was okay if a model borrowed it to swim in (She’d washed it. Eve is such a good housekeeper. I love to mess up their mansion for a few days – great stress release) This model has a smaller frame than I do but somehow the Soeedo woudl just not go on her little body. Speedo’s are supposed to be tight and I told her to keep trying but she eventually gave up. The size zero model had to swim nude. Eve said it only wanted to get freaky with me and we dubbed it the Haunted Speedo. Now that I know the Speedo is a brat, I’ll have to get spanked with it sometime. Thanks for reading my cute anecdote that was really a reason to post butt shots. Please enjoy me being blackmailed to peel off my tight SPEEDO on my forced stripping site.

forced stripping and ENF

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31st October 2013

New ENF Story Blog

Snapshot 21 (10-29-2013 7-56 PM)
I was never a cheerleader but I do strip some, such as Paris Kennedy.

I have been working on my other blog I think it has finally found its voice, so to speak. I started it off to promote the Fem Dom Spanking site and then I moved away from the spanking sites all together, while still keeping my buddies I had worked with, the Cameraman, all the girls and a couple of boys. I wanted to keep the blog going so I based it on a lot of the early clips I did on Cute Cougar Clips Store, like giantess and crushing (never animals, even insects and FUCK YOU to anyone who does that) and some strict stepmom masturbation instruction clips,
but then I started putting a lot more humiliation type clips up and generated my site Jamie Foster Strips, which is all ENF (embarrassed naked female) and it seemed like a blog called Fem Dom Motel didn’t really work for it anymore but recently shoots have been working out so that I can shoot a lot of my girls in scenes where they are forced to strip. What fun- it’s good for me to get to top and of course variety is the spice of life on most websites, unless of course you are my heavy duty stalker and you don’t want to see anyone else ever and to to that I say- I LOVE YOU! It kinda seems though that I have a nice little stable of babes who will model diapers for me and then engage in a forced stripping video, sometimes even with spreads, hmmmm. Now one young lady who is a non diaper model but is rocking my forced stripping site right now is my beloved Paris Kennedy, nice butt shot of her here and we know that bottom -it has been spanked many times. Although Paris does a lot of toppy things on the web now such as kick ass wrestling and even beating boys quite a bit, she will go back to her subby roots for me. Other girls I have worked with recently are Odette Delacroix, Star Bond, Candle Boxxx, Fiona Murphy,Sarah Gregory and most recently Alyssa Reece. These are all girls that have been spanked on the sites I used to rock, as well. Infact, the Cameraman hooked many of them up with me. I decided the blog would be a perfect place to talk about the ENF Scenes from the perspective of the dom I play, be in Odette’s Auntie or a mom to a babysitter, it’s really fun to act out the scene and then write about what went on in my head and how things played out and it works for the title of the blog so please keep in touch with Fem Dom Motel if these stories do it for you, and have a great weekend.

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16th October 2013

Thanks 4 Support!

Thank you everyone who signed up for my sites on Friday, Oct 11th or purchased clips. The money raised goes to my friend’s animal rescue and I am really happy to be able to send her a nice check. Naughty Diaper Girls, Jamie Foster Strips and cougar clips had a good Friday and I like to think you guys did that to help the animals or if you were just getting your rocks off in a random way, it’s cool too. It’s for the animals.
I wached a really great movie over the weekend. I noticed it by way of You Tube when I was looking for videos of Michael Fassbender’s dick. The movie is Called Fish Tank and it’s an English film about four years old. It’s perfectly cast and is really sexy with a short spanking scene between a teen girl and her mom’s boyfriend. They were smart enough to put that scene in the trailer but the whole film is very hot, there are quite a few sets of pajamas in it and lots of wife beater and panty shots, one of omy favorite fashion statements. Maybe the statement it makes is “I’m white trash,” but I can always counter that with “Eurotrash, thanks.” Anyway, the movie is on Netflix so by all means check it out, if you haven’t already, and thanks again for your support of my current projects. Follow me on my twitter. I also have a blog I write some ENF stories on. xxx


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6th October 2013

Naughty Diaper Girls Updates

Addie 04
I finally find my site Naughty Diaper Girls is finding its feet, maybe I should say crawling. After The Cameraman and I went thru the most amicable breakup in fetish production history, him now running Clare Fonda Pass and me with diapers and my own perv spots, I honored my contract not to shoot spanking for the diaper site. We lost a lot of members but now things have picked back up, due to some great models having hot AB (Adult Baby) fun and adding quite a few wetting videos. Gorgeous Addie Juniper who I worked with on EE2 about ten years ago was back recently and did a jeans wetting video and was then interviewed in a comfy diaper. Addie is working her tight ass off right now. I saw she was recently in an HBO Dracula movie and boy is she ready. After almost ten years of doing fetish as soon as she was legal she has crossed over to both mainstream and hardcore. After so many of the bizarre (and fun, but still fucking bizarre) things you have to do as a fetish model you are ready to have sex on camera without getting your mind blown. Addie still shoots spanking. I know when I shot her for diapers she had a red bottom courtesy of Chelsea Pfeiffer!
Last time I shot Addie for Diapers she brought along her adorably perverted big-eyed buddy Dakota Charms. Their friendship is the real deal, and they both know how to work the hell out of the camera. If Dakota wants a break from her plentiful fetish and hardcore shoots she should try stand-up comedy, although the money sucks.
Fiona Murphy has been another find in the adult diaper genre. Talk about a wild Irish Rose, she is very open-minded and did a wetting video for me last week. I know that Veronica and the Cameraman shot her at fet-con so she’s spankable. I was also blessed with my first Asian baby girl, Lucky Starr. Lucky is an petite cutie who does hardcore and fetish. She really got into her “Inner adult baby” and we are neighbors so looking forward to shooting her again. Although she is such a little girl I could see her being an excellent top as well for spanking videos. Trust my instincts on casting this type of scene and Lucky is lovely for it. I also featured both Lucky and Fiona on my forced stripping site so that’s an extra treat. It has been cool to develop that site and work some new talent into it and I notice the spanking models are good at conveyiing the vulnerability of an embarrassed naked female (ENF)

I embarrass Fiona, my babysitter, on
On an different note, my animals are all well and I was concerned to read that a friend of mine is close to having to shut her not-for-profit animal shelter down unless she raises funds. I can’t out the name of her shelter on here for googling and association with adult, we know how it goes but here’s the deal. This Friday, October 11th, all sales from any three of my sites,, and even (CLIPS STORE) will go directly to my friend’s shelter. I’m going to start the pot with $100 and hopefully we’ll be able to get her a nice check. Spread the word. Some things are good to spread.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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8th August 2013


I feel like everyone is going thru a busy epidemic. It makes me miss being a kid and summer holidays when your dad would spend all his money so you could take an exotic trip and have domestic squabbles. I am going to Austin, Texas for my birthday next month come hell or high water. I will also be back at Sanctuary LAX Sunday, Sept 15th.
Snapshot 8 (7-22-2013 11-44 AM)
Ghost Porn on Cute Cougar

I recently got a smartphone and I feel overly connected. I am posting my naughty pics though to my twitter account. I always look out when I am pulling pics for ones I can put exclusively on my blog or twitter. For this blog I always try to get a few good tushy shots. I won’t be at Shadowlane this year but I appreciate people writing and asking me and if you want any insider info about the party you can always write me Yeah- still AOL! I know.

Snapshot 10 (7-3-2013 10-44 AM)

Speaking of linking, my affiliate program now has galleries to promote my new forced stripping site as well as the diaper site. If you have a blog or are a webmaster/mistress, please check out and promote my amateur niche sites. I provide galleries every two weeks and there is not a lot of content like mine on the web, especially ENF MILF stuff. Hey- maybe that’s a good thing, but sell it! Thanks everone for checking in and now I had better go reserve that flight to Austin. I would say I’m looking for recommendations for good bars but i know my friend will have that covered. She is one hell of a party girl and her nickname for me is Momo. She sees the webistes now and says “Oh My God, Momo.” One person’s fun is another’s “disturbed,” but one thing we both love to do is party. I hope everyone gets to take a break and do some of that this weekend.

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21st June 2013

New Session Dates

IMG_1073 (2)
Reppin’the 818 hard

My next date at Sanctuary LAX is June 30th along with Paris Kennedy. It’s gonna be a fun day. If you want to book I can handle that for you- email me @ I can also take bookings for M’lady Paris. In July I’m going to Vegas. I’ll be staying with Eve Howard and Tony Elka for the weekend of the 13th-14th. I may stay the Monday as well. Eve and I are available for sessions that weekend together or solo. I’d love to spank her so if anyone wants to make that happen, let’s play for sure!
The Cameraman put a fun interview with me on his blog. He put some cute pics, especially of my dogs but he also put a hideous one of me with Paris. Oh, she looks great, as always but I look like John Lithgow in Garp. This is worth a visit to his blog if you are not a follower already. My dogs got some press in the article but I feel like I ignored my cats. I live with six of each. My friends say I put the whore in hoarder. Below Tuxford, who was a wet nurse at the vet for multiple litters, hangs out with me while wear some tennis fetish outfit. Yeah, I know – she doesn;t look too thrilled, but she’s a very people friendly pussy and a purrmonster. If you’re tired of hearing about pets -for more news on my current videos check out my Jamie Foster Blog. Have a good weekend!

Tuxford reps the 818 cats!

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